Zorro Trading Automaton is a free, partially open-source technical analysis software and trading robot platform provided by oP group Germany. Users can program, test, optimize, and execute automated trading strategies for currencies, indexes, commodities and futures. The software also includes several pre-programmed trading systems.

Zorro Software Introduction

Zorro has a integrated programming environment based on the Lite-C programming language with added technical analysis, artificial intelligence and charting functions. It contains a training part that introduces non-programmers into the creation and trading strategies and into strategy testing methods, such as in-sample and out-of-sample testing, walk-forward analysis, and portfolio analysis.

Release History

  • December 2012 Zorro 1.04 with fuzzy logic functions and script conversion from other platforms
  • November 2012 Zorro 1.03 with NFA compliant mode
  • October 2012 Zorro 1.01 with detrending and anchored walk-forward optimization
  • August 2012 Zorro 0.99 with spreadsheet import/export and broker API open source interface
  • May 2012 Zorro 0.97 with decision tree learning and perceptron algorithm

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