Zorndyke is a fictional character from the anime mini-series Blue Submarine No. 6. He is the antagonist of the story, who is supposed to be attempting to destroy humanity. He has created a series of hybrid creatures to carry out various tasks, known as the Army of Chiron. Many seem to have gone beyond his control, though they claim to be doing his will.

Name: Jung Zorndyke

Age: Unknown, estimated 74

Place of Birth: Tirana, Albania

Voice Actors: Takeshi Wakamatsu (Japanese), Mike Way (English)[1]

Zorndyke graduated from the University of Tirana and decided to study in the United States to research a hybrid gene project. After doing research at Caltech and MIT he became the head researcher on the food DNA production research project. Later, he moved to England and continued to work at the government clone science institution. With venture capital investors’ help, he gets involved in the Socodara Okiami hybrid gene project. After returning to Albania, his wife and much of his family are killed because of his research. The last words from his public speech at the University of Tirana were, “Chaos, Cosmos, Eros, Thanatos”.

He joined others in the creation of an organization known as “Blue” and changed the research facility that he bought with his own money into a Blue military base. He finished the research on the Chimera, which is the science of two cells combining in one.

But when his wife and children were killed in a racial cleansing, he went mad with grief, rebelled against the Blue organization and occupied the South Base. He decided that mankind needed to be taught a lesson in humility: though they had colonized the ocean floor, taken great strides towards mastering genetic sciences, and filled most material needs, they have actually regressed ethically; war and strife were as common as ever, now only because of the most insignificant of reasons – prejudice. In an attempt to teach the world the pointlessness of race he decided to reduce the number of humans alive.

The first stage of this plot involved the melting of the ice caps and massive flooding that covered many cities all across the world. This also created a more broad domain for the various creatures he created using the captured South Base. He also modified a portion of Antarctica to serve as his personal home. This portion became tropical and contained jungle forests and a small village. Beyond the village was a massive chasm where Zorndyke had constructed the machinery he intended to use to cause a pole shift (reversing Earth's magnetic poles). This is predicted to cause severe waves of solar radiation to seep through the atmosphere and cause the destabilization of the Earth's continents.

Zorndyke was not necessarily the megalomaniac he was made out to be. He felt that humanity had too much pride. Each invention only serving to boost their ego. He felt humanity was getting too soft without competitors. One day, he realized all his work only served to perpetuate humanity and all its problems; so he decided turn his back on them and create a balancing life form.

Zorndyke died during the final campaign of the Blue Fleet. Hayami Tetsu was sent ahead, along with Mayumi Kino in an attempt to resolve the conflict with Zorndyke so the missiles would not have to be used. Zorndyke had gambled on the chance of the Blue Fleet using nuclear weapons as its trump card. He had arranged it so a nuclear blast would instigate the polar shift. Before he died, he told Hayami and Kino to tell Blue fleet to avoid the two poles, as those are sacred land to 'his children', the hybrids, as well as the oceans around them. He also encouraged them that humanity could live at peace with 'his children' if they were treated peacefully and as equals. The nuclear strike was called off.

It is speculated that Zorndyke had hoped that someone in the Blue fleet would come to their senses and not use the nuclear missiles, for they bring about the catastrophe humanity was trying to prevent. He hoped instead that humanity would send emissaries such as Hiyami and Kino, to speak with him and bring the peaceful co-existence he hoped for into being.

It can be reasonably inferred that Hayami was the one who killed Zorndyke. Zorndyke died immediately after their confrontation. Killing Zorndyke is what Hayami's superiors, and the rest of humanity, would have demanded from him. When he was attacked by Verg and accused of having killed Zorndyke, Hayami did not deny it. Most importantly Hayami's last words in the series are "...I've killed a lot of people, Kino...but this was the very first time when I killed someone in the light and face to face." This could refer to no one but Zorndyke. Verg may not be dead, but if he is, it is not Hayami's doing.

After Zorndyke died, his body was carried in to the ocean, as his final resting place, by 'his children'.

Possible Inspirations

In his creation of sentient creatures, his isolated topographical location, and some of the themes of the series bound up with his character Zorndyke may have been at least partly inspired by the title character of H.G. Wells's The Island of Dr. Moreau.

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