Ziliot International, commonly referred to as Ziliot, is a Finland based B2B social networking website that enables wholesalers, OEM’s, and distributors, interested in selling outside of their current marketplaces, the opportunity to meet prospective buyers and sellers, and reduce the risk of fraudulent contacts. The company focuses on assisting businesses from developed countries to connect with businesses from underdeveloped countries.[1][3] The company is made up of members from Africa, Asia, and Europe who met through Founder2be, an entrepreneurship related social networking website that matches prospective entrepreneurs to work on start-ups.[2]


Original design of Ziliot was created by Co-founder Sergio Laskin from Latvia.

Business model

Ziliot has aimed their service in developing countries, allowing SME’s, manufacturers and government entities to interact with each other.[4] The company’s objective is to make it easier for manufacturers to engage with retailers, distributors, and sales agents by providing features for e-commerce, B2B discount deals, product or video display opportunities and target marketing tools all on one platform.[5] Ziliot currently operates as a business discovery network that enables businesses to find wholesalers, OEM, distributors and distributorships, franchise opportunities, display B2B products, find retailers and make credible connections worldwide.

Ziliot allows governments, chambers of commerce, and other business related associations to post public profiles to showcase their members. Ziliot grants these organizations "verified status" so that members that they display or recommend become credible to conduct business with.[6] Ziliot allows wholesalers, retailers, and businesses to upload photos and display their products for individuals and business related associations to view.[7][8] For individuals and small businesses, Ziliot allows them to post their wants and needs so that wholesalers and manufacturers can discover these individuals and small businesses.[9]

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