Ziba (Ziba Design Inc.) is a design and innovation consultancy[1] headquartered in Portland, Oregon with satellite offices in San Diego,[2] Munich[3] and Tokyo.[4]

Sohrab Vossoughi is the Founder and President of Ziba, the company he started in 1984. The recipient of more than 30 patents and over 200 design awards, Vossoughi was named BusinessWeek's Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992. He continues to direct projects for clients including Nike, Microsoft, Xerox and Hewlett-Packard.

Ziba’s core practice integrates consumer research-including trend tracking and market analysis to understand emotional and rational associations a consumer makes with a brand, then helps the company strategically improve the consumer experience (experience design) with their brand through product design, user interface design, interaction design, communication design, and environmental design.

Ziba’s core practices have been used to create products in the electronic, consumable, durable and packaging industries, as well as consumer experiences in retail and has ventured into placemaking for clients Fed Ex and Umpqua Bank[5] and real estate developer Gerding Edlen.[6]

Ziba’s competitors include other outside new-product consultancies and design firms such as Frog Design and IDEO.[7]

Ziba has been involved in improving the education system[8][9] and healthcare experience.[10]

In 2007, Ziba published its first book - Authenticity Is Now: A Working Definition of the Fluid State of Being As It Applies To Business And Design.[11]


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