Zephyr the West Wind is a fantasy novel by RJ Tolson that from nowhere, has erupted to gain fairly moderate success and recognition after being slated as a runner up in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest and in a national newspaper.

Tolson, CEO of Forever Trust Charity, RJTINC & RL Infinity International and a published "This I Believe" writer, self-published the book, his first novel, which in turn was contracted for a four book deal by Sel in a run of 40,000 copies and increasing to date.

The book, which follows the story of Zephyr, a lonely teenage boy who has never left his island village to experience the rest of the world, is a suspenseful, exiting tale that brings conceptions to light that aren't so obvious in reality sometimes. Comprised with the addition of mystical beings, powers, villains and a unexpected but welcome complicated plot, Zephyr must grow and mature to save the world.

The book attracted little notice until it was entered into the National Association of Black Journalists Author's Showcase. The Author has had book signings in both connecticut and several other states. One reader described the novel as "...This was great. The plot was deep, the story drew me in and connected with my in ways i never thought a book could. Beginning with questions that we all wonder, i felt as though i could relate to the main character and this brought me even closer with him and the story.". Since then, the novel has attracted a growing following, being sold largely through Barnes & Noble and Tower Records.


  • Tolson, RJ (2011) (paperback). Zephyr the West Wind (1st ed.). ISBN 1466252774. 

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