Zeng Guo Yuan (Chinese: 曾国原) (born 1955) is a retired Singaporean businessman. He is also known by the aliases Chan Hock Seng and the little-known Muhamad Ali, which he claims is his Muslim name.[1] He is probably most infamous for his weird antics and eccentric and controversial behaviour. Zeng is also, though, the creator of the revolutionary Vegetable Shampoo, which does help in improving hair growth.[2][3] He was a Workers’ Party candidate in Bukit Timah in 1991.[4] Besides that, Zeng has tried to contest in other Singapore elections, though he never qualified due to his ugly criminal records. He is the owner of Toa Payoh-based Professor Zeng's Medical Centre, which sells shampoo to help hair growth, as well as slimming oil.[5]

Bids to contest in Singapore elections

In April 2012, Zeng intended to contest in the 2011 Singapore General Election, at the Mountbatten SMC, as an independent candidate,[6] although he gave up his bid later on.[7][8]

In May 2012, Zeng announced his intention to contest in the 2012 Hougang By-election,[9] though he was unsuccessful in being allowed to contest.

Fake qualifications

Zeng is not a "doctor", as he claims to be, even if he holds a diploma mill from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines in Colombo, Sri Lanka, reason being the "university" is not a legitimate, accredited institution of higher-learning,[10] so Zeng's diploma mill is a fake.

Zeng has said that he has the title of D. Sc., M. D., PhD, as so conferred by former Sri Lankan president Junius Richard Jayewardene. He also has made the claim that he is a knight and should be saluted, rightfully, as a "sir". Both claims have not yet been verified.


On November 3, 1986, Zeng molested his client at his former medical clinic, and was hereby charged as guilty.[11]

Zeng was fined $3,000 in 2009 for putting up banners – featuring a picture of terrorist Mas Selamat bin Kastari – without approval, outside his medical centre. He said the banners were sunshades to protect his shop.[12][13] Also, there is also another giant banner, green with the letters F,C,U,K printed on it, outside his shop too. Zeng says that he put that baaner up as the letters represented that of a renowned clothing brand (French Connection, UK).

In April 2011, Zeng, turned up at a nomination centre in a yellow baju kurung and a songkok to try and contest as an independent candidate in the 2011 Singapore General Election,[14] claiming that he had become an Islam convert and his name of faith was Muhamad Ali. When reminded by a female reporter that he had an unpaid fine - from a previous conviction for molesting a woman - that could bar him from running, he tore up an envelope, reported to contain his nomination documents, and stormed off.[15]

Zeng claims that the reason why he was not allowed to contest in the 2012 Hougang By-election was that in 2008, his parrot told two police officers to "fuck off", which earned him a $2,500 fine. He claims that "fuck" is not a profanity and to him, it stands for "Friendly, Understanding, Caring and Kind". He then complained to a judge about this incident, offering to bring his pet parrot as proof, but was told that he would have to pay an additional fine if it was really his parrot who scolded the police officers. Officials from the Singapore Election Department later clarified that Zeng did not file his nomination papers.[16][17]


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