Zachary "Zach" Otto Bonahoom (born April 1, 1989) is a small business owner, commercial real estate broker for CBRE Sturges and Republican politician from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Bonahoom is son to Joseph G. Bonahoom, a practicing attorney and Fort Wayne City Council attorney.[Web news 1] [Web news 2] [Web news 3]

Personal Life


Bonahoom graduated from Bishop Dwenger High School and the Troyer School of Real Estate in Fort Wayne.[Web news 4]

Professional Life

DJ Business

Bonahoom is founder of Bonahoom Music DJ service in Fort Wayne. The business was founded in 2002. In 2010 Bonahoom worked on board a cruise ship for Holland America Line as a DJ and assistant Cruise Director.[Web news 5]

Real Estate career

Bonahoom is a Property Manager and Commercial real estate broker for CBRE|Sturges in Fort Wayne, IN. [Web news 2]

Zach Bonahoom
Zach BonahoomBonahoom in 2011.

Political Career

2011 City Clerk Campaign

In 2011 Bonahoom challenged long-time Democrat Sandy Kennedy for the Fort Wayne City Clerk's seat. Kennedy, a 7 term incumbent defeated Bonahoom 24,103 to 21,722. This would mark the narrowest victory by Kennedy since taking office 28 years earlier. Despite the loss, Bonahoom received more votes than the Republican Mayoral nominee, Paula Hughes. [Web news 6]

During the campaign Kennedy was accused by Bonahoom for "stealing his ideas," specifically relating to technology and the implementation of iPads at City Council meetings. Bonahoom campaigned on youth, change and his ability to implement technology efficiently. [Web news 6]

Campaign Controversy

Parking Enforcement

Bonahoom's candidacy was overshadowed at times by less than politically correct rhetoric. During the campaign Bonahoom referred to over-zealous Parking Enforcement officers (which the Fort Wayne City Clerk oversees) as "Nazis." [Web news 7] [Web news 6]

Bonahoom was quoted saying, "They [parking enforcement] almost do too good of a job (enforcing)." Under his plan, officers would walk to enforce violators and the first meter violation would be a warning, rather than a $5 ticket. Additionally, Bonahoom wanted to install new parking meters that would accept coin, credit and debit cards, rather than traditional, coin-only parking meters. [Web news 6]

Twitter Misstep

Additionally, Bonahoom was brought under fire for attacking well known Democrat and school board president, Mark GiaQuinta for making rude comments while in the gallery at a City Council meeting. Bonahoom tweeted, “Mark GiaQuinta sitting behind me at City Council...will need a shower when I get home.”[Web news 8]

GiaQuinta, just days earlier, accused Bonahoom in a letter to the editor of conspiring with then Councilwoman Liz Brown (R-At Large) to embarrass Bonahoom's opponent, Sandy Kennedy. [Web news 8]

After the campaign Bonahoom was quoted saying, "The Bonahooms are a passionate bunch and sometimes that translates to lost tempers and you know I have to keep an even keel a little bit more." [Web news 9]

Campaign and Endorsements

Despite first time candidate missteps, Bonahoom received powerful endorsements such as that of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries. Additionally, he received the endorsement of local newspaper, the News Sentinel. [Web news 10] [Web news 11] [Web news 12]

Bonahoom's campaign for clerk represented an interesting dynamic in Fort Wayne city politics. Bonahoom, 22 at the time, was the youngest candidate on the ballot while Kennedy, 74 at the time, was the oldest. It was noted during the campaign that the incumbent had been in office longer than Bonahoom had been alive. Bonahoom was thought to represent the next generation, while Kennedy consistently touted experience. [Web news 9]

Throughout the 2011 campaign, Bonahoom positioned himself as an independent common sense candidate. His campaign released a mailer in late October 2011 with his campaign sign posted in the middle between Republican Mayoral candidate Paula Hughes, and Democratic incumbent Tom Henry campaign signs. The mailer read, “No matter who you support for mayor, there is only one clear choice for city clerk.” [Web news 13]

Bonahoom's platform included technology implementation, paperless initiatives and parking meter updates as well as overall efficiency in what he described as a primarily administrative and record keeping office. A local paper critisized Kennedy for "resisting" similar technology updates throughout her 28 year tenure.[Web news 10]

Bonahoom raised $25,844 as of the fall reporting deadline to Kennedy's $8,376. John McGauley, a well known Republican and Allen County recorder was listed as the chairman of Bonahoom's campaign committee. [Web news 14]

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