Yulgar Hangers was a Legend but also know as YH to combined Safiria and Galanoth. Purify to make sence for all mechanical war in AQW technology May be so close but it is founded on 2008 this may be considered and must pay of UGC. The commander of the Yulgar Hangers is Ezequiel Opulencia.

History of AQW from 2008-2011

AQ Worlds was simplified on for since on Lvl 1-20 in 2008 and they created the achivements but that include for which since not available because it's only three skills and maybe have been pained of creatures not since October 11-24 had been promoted is like 2008-present or both (like of minded-founder).

In 2009 AQ Worlds was updated from October 10, maybe are called "1st Upholder". 1st Upholder is a Achievement like Junijii and this must be a maybe closed and now this became increasing damage in AQW History. To be servant to affront the game (and Youtube to Junijii).

On 2010 AQ Worlds was simple and greatest of hud and updated like genius and then remains of the any order to class but they updated to be have new class armor. In October the New Achive is 2nd Upholder but when see a like another character who they're inveted for Lvl 1-30.

On 2011 AQ Worlds was inveted the rules, if using hack and other the account will terminated/banned. Like 30 spectators account has been hacked and maybe choice of war in the believe them but they're same of them people but intelligent for technology for scan the chat to be 1st to 3rd warning, a new achive is 3rd Upholder from October 10.

AQW 2012-present

They believe for since Febuary, but will make it of mark. They updated to Lvl 1-45. begins for not even before and then all countries are play the games for different. That char will using languages like French, Russian and others. Later on that change to the Lvl 1-50 because it's a new weapon, armor, cape and helm/helmet They will shall for begin to AQW.


This is list of Violation

  • Shop Loader
  • Hacked
  • Trading
  • Spammer
  • Scammer
  • Bot
  • Cheating


If you not follow the instruction to rules, your account will be terminated.

List of Yulgar Hangers Legend from 2008

Account Name Years Active Level
Ezequielxx3d 2009-2012 44
Migopod 2012-present 50
Alice reyes 2011-2012 50
_neil_gwapo_ 2011-present 48
Dracobrath 2011-present 50

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