YTF Legacy

YTF is a group including Ryan Higa, Chester See, Dominic "Dtrix" Sandoval, Victor Kim (king), Andrew Garcia, JRAquino, and nonactive Kevjumba "Kevin Wu".

This is a group founded on Youtube that started in 2010. This group is known as YTFlegacy, YTFGlobal, and yesterday today forever.

Ryan Higa- Second most subscribed person on Youtube. Very successful youtuber with over 6,000,000 subscribers and increasing.

Victor Kim- a dancer and singer who is deciding between them (unknown). He has a style of dancing and singing in the YTF concerts globally. Also a member of "quest crew".

Dtrix- A professional dancer and judge on "America's best dance crew". He was also in the "quest crew" with Victor Kim on the same show and winner of it.

Andrew Garcia- a finalist on "American Idol". A singer with amazing talent; also a guitarist.

Chester See- a singer on Youtube with many songs made by YTF and himself.

JRAquino- an amazing singer of YTF

Kevjumba (Nonactive)- a successful youtuber with over 2,000,000 subscribers and increasing. Non active because of a show on Cartoon Network he was chosen to participate in. The show is called "flix". Kevin no longer attends any concerts, but will always be in the YTF brother hood.

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