Young-Gam or Younggam(영감) was Korean old guys pet name or honorific.[1] Younggma is historically the word of Korea, it's radically was honorific to Vice-Minister, Assistant Secretary[2] of Korean Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynastys.

younggam is usually become to old guys pet name or honorific to in recent years.[3] Younggam is more than a one thousand years has been used of Korea.


first was Young Gam is honorific to second-level and third-level civil servant and vice-minister, assistant secretary's[4][5] of Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynastys.

but Joseon Dynastys, the old man, in the course of over 80th birthday old guy bestow to honorary position Assistant Secretary, 90th birthday over old guy was honorary position vice-Minister. it is Noinjik(노인직 老人職), Sujik(수직 壽職) and Sugye(수계 壽階).[4]

radically Young Gam was honorific to Vice-Minister, Assistant Secretary, but grow is live to an old age mans and honorary position vice-Minister and Assistant Secretary. since when old guy's title of honor and pronoun change to settlement.


modern times korea is Younggam is regular to over of 60th birthdays old guys pet name or honorific.[6]

Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynastys younggam was follow in the rear to the his one's duty, modern Younggam is used by oneself.


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