A "Yogurt Shopper" is someone who intentionally lies about his wealth, affluence, social standing, posessions, etc to make him or herself appear to be wealthier on an online message board. Also a common "Yogurt Shopper" trait is to try and pass of parents or family member's posessions such as homes or cars as his own.

This term gained noteriety on the internet meassge board in the GDD section when a man tried to pass off 2 BMWs as his own. He claimed that he had started a yogurt shop a year earlier and that it was so profitable that he was able to buy outright 2 BMWs and take European delivery. It was found out however this was all fabricated and that the cars as well as the yogurt shop were actually owned by his dad.

Example: "Yo man, you don't own that M3. I know that it's your dad's car. Quit being a yogurt shopper."

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