The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc. started as a Facebook post on October 30, 2010, and was created by Jay Jaboneta. As the first New Media Head of the President Communications Operations Office, he flew to a seminar on Mindanao Island, Philippines. He learned that nearby kids in the Layag-Layag area swam to and from school and then hiked half a kilometer once they reached shore. Within less than two years it had accumulated enough volunteer and community support to become a charitable foundation in the Philippines and in May 2012, it was registered with the government.

Early history

Once Jaboneta returned to Manila, he posted a message on Facebook, and the Yellow Boat Project began. On this post, he merely asked friends to help kids whose families live in a mangrove area where the homes are built on stilts: Layag-Layag in Zamboanga City. He thought in terms of one boat, but that soon multiplied. Five months after the initial Facebook post, the Yellow Boat Project launched its first Yellow Boat, naming it "Bagong Pag-asa," which means "New Hope."

Jaboneta’s knowledge of underlying needs in Layag-Layag and five other disadvantaged communities convinced him to bring local leaders on board to determine needs and coordinate distribution and support. After one year in government, he resigned to devote all his time helping other communities whose children needed outside support to complete their education.

He and his growing team of volunteers were joined by other charitable agencies, corporations, small businesses, schools, and individuals from every level of society. As a result, many communities have benefited from donation of school supplies, plastic bottle bulbs, medical and dental assistance, and scholarships. New buildings, including a halfway house created using PET bottles, dot the landscape as volunteers work to encourage and empower communities and their children. Among the many volunteers are high school and college students intent on careers in fields like public health, project management, social work, medicine, education, and areas of sustainability.


  • Layag, Brgy. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City[1]
  • Masbate Funds for Little Kids: Isla Mababoy, Brgy. Guinhadap, Monreal, Masbate Isla Mababoy, Brgy. Guinhadap, Monreal, Masbate[2]
  • ZamSur Funds for Little Kids: Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur
  • Happy Soles: CDO Funds for Little Kids: Cagayan de Oro
  • Sibugay Funds for Little Kids - Sagip Bahay: Yellow Dorm Project: Zamboanga Sibugay
  • Negros Funds for Little Kids: Island of Roma in EB Magalona, Negros Occidental


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