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    “Yatra” - A Voluntary Student Social Action Group is a registered trust started on August 2008, with a Vision, “ Service to be and become our Habit”. Yatra is travelled by students of Various schools, colleges, work place happily stepping ahead to transform and empower their fellow friends life, sharing their own  money to bring out some changes in the society. As said Journey of Life has no limits and restrictions, Yatra travels towards serving the needy in any form.
     Yatra, a Voluntary Student Social Action Organization work started on 13th August ’08. Yatra formed by students studying in various school and colleges with the Motto “ Fear not, we uphold you” . Yatra depicts the journey of life. 
    Yatra has foot steps of man. In their journey of life we come across various events which can never be forgotten but always remembered to cherish. Yatra shows the reality of life. Yatra also paves a path of one’s life towards its destination. 
    Yatrians in Yatra are people with the goal to live healthy life, to do what they think and set themselves an example to others. Yatra takes them to a life of Unity, Service Oriented, Friendship, Hard work, Commitment, Dedication, Peace and Goal setting. 

Holding hands together with many idealistic Yatrians, Yatra makes much more special journey of life where it carry and spread joy and happiness and completely irradiates the sound of cry, sound of help, song of sorrow and harmony of depression.

“ Yatrians are always same in thoughts and united in strength but the difference is they are never different in thoughts and separated in strength”.

To be a Yatrian in Yatra just unite yourself with other Yatrians shoulder together the burden of the society and hug together the joy of success and celebrate the joy in the Yatra of Life.



YATRA”- A VOLUNTARY STUDENT SOCIAL ACTION GROUP, Yatra believes it is important to provide Encouragement and Appreciation to the STUDENT with ability regardless of parents financial circumstances Every year Yatra Awards Best Student with “SHIKSHA BHUSHAN” award who excels in academics and “KEL UTSAV” award for the best Sports child as a Token of Appreciation and Encouragement. Every Year 20 students of various Schools receives the award


Yatra has adopted a Primary School at Narashingapuram Village in which 88 students educate themselves. Yatra has adopted these kids taking responsibility of paving a right path in young age for bright future.


Yatra decided to open a free Study cell – Free tuition centre to the kids of downtrodden family whose parents are uneducated and unable to teach and guide the children. Yatra First Study cell was opened on 2010 in I.C.F , Chennai.


“Child hood shows the man as the morning shows the day”

Even an economic backward parents are ready to fall in debt to give their child best education in private school, lacking knowledge of Preschool and Montessori training. This 2011 Academic year Yatra has decided to open a Pre school where a complete package of Education, Learning Skills, Personality Development, Extra Skills of the child are mould and presented the children to face and shine in this competitive society irrespective of parents financial status

=== SOFT SKILLS On 2011 Yatra has decided to start training School children with Spoken English. To know to speak a foreign language like English and Hindi has become mandatory in today’s competitive society.

Anyone can be a part of Yatra. Interested to be a reason behind thousand smiles.


  1. Yatra Joy Beginz
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