Yashar Biglari is a 14 Year Old Drumming Teen Prodigy from San Jose,CA He has been into Music since he was 9 Years Old, He first discovered his Interest in the 4th Grade when he was watching TV and Famous Guitarist Slash was playing one of his hit singles, and at the moment, It caught Yashar's Eye and told his parents he wanted to play Guitar, for his 10th birthday, they bought him a Fender Stratocaster and he started learning with lessons right away, 2 Years go by, and he notices he lacks learning power chords and basic licks, and realizes that guitar probably isn’t right for him, In the 6th Grade, he started playing the game Rock Band on Drums, even on Easy Difficulty, He starts to realize how fun it is hitting a Drum, He then often went to his Cousin’s house and started to mess around on his real Drums and gets very interested, months later, he asks his parents if he could get a real Drum set, but they tell him they cannot spend money for one, or to get lessons due to short time notices, so he faced the fact that there was nothing he could do, A while after, He Self teaches Himself and buys Drumsticks, Drumming on his table, his bed, etc. learning how to play by listening to different Rock songs he really liked, trying to listen to what the Drummer is actually playing, In class, He Drummed on his desk with his fingers, getting told to be quiet by a few of his classmates near his seat, this then happens for months and He starts to get angry from them, wishing they would understand what he was trying to do with all that, by the time He was in 7th Grade, He signs up for Band class and joins Percussion, knowing it could teach him something about true Music and Drums, He gets put on Snare Drum, and then learns how to read music for Snare, Bass, Xylophone, Cymbals, etc. and plays it all throughout the school year, by the End of the Year, He has a Final Test by his Teacher and plays the song Your A Grand Old Flag on Snare Drum to determine which ranking he should get in his section, He passes the Test playing only a few notes Incorrectly and gets 2nd Chair. Summer comes, and He gets enough money to buy an Electric Drum Set, which was better than nothing, so He does, He then Upload’s videos on his YouTube channel of Him doing Drum Covers getting 300 or more views each, while during beginning of Summer, He joins a Punk/Metal Band with 2 of his classmates from 7th Grade called The Broken System, close to end, they kicked him out, telling him he needed to calm down because he was getting cocky about his skills, after that day, Yashar had learned to never brag or share about his drum life again to his classmates and friends. Once he got into the 8th grade, He continued his experiences in Band Class and did Marching Band and Concert band, and was Drum Captain on Snare Drum for a parade one day, close to the end of the school year, He joins a new band with his classmates called Hype Phony, while practicing for weeks, they all realize the school talent show was coming up, so they signed up for it and wrote an original song called A Long Way To Go, at the Final Performance, they Performed it in front of the entire school, and it seemed the beginning of the song wasn’t quite amusing to the audience, then, when Yashar's drum solo that he had written himself comes, the audience went extremely wild for 14 seconds while it lasted, and it saved the Performance, weeks later, none of his band mates felt like practicing due to laziness, so he quit the band. One day when he gets home, his parents tell him how impressed they were, revealing that they were at the talent show watching him secretly, so they decide to buy him a Real Drum Set which was a Mapex, knowing it could help him become even better in the future if he had a real one. By the end of the school year, Yashar gets surprised on stage with a leadership award at the end of the year concert for being an outstanding person, helping his members when they needed it, and always being on top of his playing, never letting anyone down, but he then gets his rank down to 3rd due to a challenge by one of his members from the middle of the year. 2 weeks later, He trys out for Snare Drum for the High school he is going to be in's Drumline because he played Snare mostly throughout his middle school years and felt he could make something if he joined it, a few days later, he gets his results and finds out he got Tenor(quad)Drums for his freshman year. Right now that’s where he is at, and we will see what things he may accomplish later on, on his journey, through music, Right now, Yashar owns 2 Drum sets, 1 Snare Drum, 1 Marching Snare Drum, a Keyboard, An Organ Piano, 3 Electric Guitars, 1 Acoustic Guitar, 1 Bass Guitar, over 20 Pairs of Drumsticks, 5 Practice Pads, all in his Band Room that he has been making for a long time, etc.

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