Yan Ovtchinikov (born May 11, 1989) in Russia, Kaliningrad is a worship media producer, musician, and a technical enthusiast who is primarily involved in praise and worship songs and media production. He is currently highly involved in technical production throughout the worship audio and visual domains, producing supporting visual and technical aid for the growing youth generation and for local ministry, outreaching and helping youth areas with primary need of expertise and knowledge.

Early life

Yan was born on May 11, 1989, in Kaliningrad, Russia and was raised throughout his life in Russia, Israel and London UK. Yan's mother, Nina Ovtchinikov, was 26 years old when she became pregnant. Nina, originally from Kaliningrad, raised her sons with the help of her husband, Alexander Ovtchinikov and parents.


Over the years, Yan has added practical work experience to his technical knowledge, rising swiftly to project manager, a position which he held in his youth for a medium sized contract. Yan was responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary teams, resolving issues, working tightly to schedules, in close liaison with higher management, ensuring smooth operations for company requirements. The position has enhanced his organisational, leadership and communication skills, leading him into ability to work independently.

From the two year intense audio engineering diploma in college, throughout his music career thus far, Yan has advanced himself in sound system design, consultation, audio component design, and proficiency of both post-production (audio and visual production) film work, camera shooting and live production in sound, visuals, film, lighting and music, through all the to the four years in university learning environment. Yan has additionally administered in, and developed various Windows and Linux operating platforms software, programmed audio filters, network monitoring systems, and network Firewall systems, undertaking extensive client liaisons, contract work and advancing my communications and analytical skills. Some of the jobs Yan was responsible were for system installations, providing technical support to fellow associates, training staff and general troubleshooting.

Personal life

Yan is a devoted Christian, and said he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, mentioning contextually that what he has is because of God. Ever since he was nine years old, he began to realise what his purpose in life was about and what the future began to bring forth. When his family finally settled in London, UK, they finally visited their first church located in East London which turned out to be the church where they stayed for the following next ten years.

Yan began to serve and grow deeper into church life and community, developing both spiritually and physically, leading technical production and being one of the first members of youth to start a mass growing youth ministry.

During the process of his growing career and ministry, Yan has sought for his other half, stating that ever since he was fifteen years old, he started praying for that other half. It seemed that the prayer was finally answered at the age of twenty, where he met a lovely young lady, who is just a year younger than him with which he saw the rest of his life being fulfilled with.

Personal Work

Following great success in the jump start of the young artist's professional life, Yan began to evolve his own ability, skill and knowledge within theatrical arts and it's technical aspects. Yan began working within major London theatrical institutions such as The Royal Albert Hall, Dominion Theatre, Leatherhead Theatre etc. Working within the theatre environment has brought Yan to the realisation of his own potential as an artist and as a professional.

Once in theatre, Yan began working strictly on professional technical work, which later on lead him into the production, pre and post-production fields of work. He began to advance himself and work incredibly hard on theatrical projects, studying all technical aspects and treating every single small detail as a crucial part of the whole idea. Thus Yan has advanced him self within the work of audio and lighting departments, just as working throughout the audio visual products, He began to realise that the initial idea began to hold everything together. Yan therefore began to work and advance himself in pre-production work and post-production work.

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