Craig Dudley Morris Jr (born December 28, 1993), who also goes by his rap name Yaleigh, is a young rapper , songwriter , producer , and attempts voice acting at times. His first song Co Coa Butter Swagg, was released in 2010 along with many others. In 2012, he released his first official song "Riding In A Benz", "Blowwing 20's", and "Friend Zone" for his upcoming album "Determination". He has produced for a few upcoming artist as well. Yaleigh has released many "Different" songs even though his career has just started. As an unsigned artist, he has also released many comedy songs such as "Redneck Anthem".

Early Life

Morris was born in Morehead City , North Carolina on December 28, 1993, where he was raised. Part of his rap name represents North Carolina's capital, Raleigh , "And the Y" he says, "Is from an old saying my mom would say. She said that god helps you before the last hour, so i thought of 11 o'clock, which also made me think of the second to the last letter in the Alphabet, Y." Morris is a Non-Denominational Christian. At age 16, Morris would randomly make beats on the furniture in the house until one day, a friend of the family, Nathan Ray, gave Morris a music software to start making beats.


Yaleigh was the only child of his family to graduate high school. He graduated from West Carteret High School , located in Morehead City , North Carolina in 2012. He now attends at Carteret Community College .


Yaleigh is not singed with any record company. He is currently working on his first album "Determination" due to come out in late January 2013.


  • RAR3 (2010)
  • Determination (2013)


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