Yahya Arodaki (April 15, 1926 – March 5, 2009) is a Syrian economist from Damascus.

Personal life

Yahya Ibrahim Said Arodaki, born April 15, 1926, Damascus, Syria, to a financially stable family, and is the fifth and final son to Ibrahim Arodaki, lived an orphan father, and grew up in the house of his mother until she died. , He studied at the University of Damascus in each of the Faculties of Law and Commerce, which holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and holds a master's degree the salute universities economy Belgium.


Work in the Ministry of Economy and included in various positions until he reached the position of Director of Foreign Trade of the Ministry, has had a major role in the conclusion of agreements of trade exchange between Syria and a number of Arab and foreign countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, and the former Soviet Union, and former West Germany, and Qubrus, and others, also was involved in the meetings of the Council economic unit Alambthag for the League of Arab States in order to reach a common Arab market, also had a role in laying the foundations for exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between the northern and southern regions during the Unity between Syria and Egypt, and after separation appointed liquidator of the entities Joint Economic and including Al-Nasr, work Mderaama Foundation General for the importation of food and chemical (Tafko) where before the job at the request of Major General Alkhlafawi who was then head of the Syrian Cabinet, which insisted that the Yahya Arodaki director-general of the institution in order to spend on what famous of corruption, and what was known about him from straightening and clean hands and standing firm always generally corrupt and corrupt.


His many books deposited in Arab universities such as King Saud University, including:

1. Trade relations to Israel.

2. Arab common market.

3. Modern Syrian economy (and consists of two parts)

4. Fear Are disease and medicine.

And other books.

Apart from articles published in Syrian newspapers, including:

Newspaper economic.


Yahya Arodaki died on March 5, 2009, in California, United States, and was buried in a cemetery for Muslims.[citation needed]

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