Xuman [ˈhju:mən] is an epic pop band from Moscow, Russia founded May 11th 2009 by Sasha Xuman and Ilya Sosnitskiy. Through all the band's lifetime there was made a long road from electro pop[1] to indie rock music. But Xuman finally occured to have their own style by releasing Play single in December 2012.


First public appearance was made in December 2009. During 2010 Xuman has been forming it's live band and started playing gigs across Russia. With the Golden Age album came out March 2011[2], Xuman started it's Golden Age tour that ended in October same year. There were no live acts of the band in 2012 as band members were occupied with Xuman Records sound production work. By the end of 2012 Xuman band started making new tracks again with fundamentally different approach. In February 2013 musicians are getting back on the scene.





  • 2010 — Panic
  • 2012 — Play

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