Xu Wenkai (aka.aaajiao) (Chinese: 徐文恺) is digital artists, bloggers and free culture developers.Born in 1984 in Xi'an City, he now resides in Shanghai, China. In 2003 he established the sound art website:, and in 2006 he founded the Chinese take on the blog We Make Money Not Art: We Need Money Not Art. He is devoted to Processing, an open source visual programming software and Dorkbot, a non-profit initiative for creative minds.And Eventstructure, a Shanghai across the arts, design, academic as well as new media technology-based non-profit independent research and development institutions.Now operating a Co-working platform: Xindanwei.

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Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition

  • Placebo Nov 2011 Shnaghai
  • Cybernetics Sep 2010 Shangha


  • Sep 2012 Solar Plexus London, Space Station Sixty Five
  • Jun 2012 Whatever You Want - New Media Art Show Beijing
  • Jun 2012 Solar Plexus Shanghai,V Arts Centre
  • May 2012 OVERLOOK Shanghai,Magda Danysz Gallery


  • Dec 2011 "One World" Exposition - Chinese Art in the Age of the New Media Hongkong,Videotage
  • Aug 2011 Augmented Senses - A China-France Media Art Exhibition Shenzhen, The Oct Art&Design Gallery
  • Jun 2011 TransLife: Media Art China 2011 - International Triennial of New Media Art Beijing,The National Art Museum of China
  • Jun 2011 Augmented Senses - A China-France Media Art Exhibition Shanghai,The OCT SUHE CREEK GALLER
  • Jun 2011 Be With Me, Basel Liste 16
  • Apr 2011 +Follow Shanghai, Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Apr 2011 From Interaction to Micro-Sociology: The Dual Thread of Media Intervention into Art in The Netherlands and China Beijing, Art ISSUE Projects
  • Mar 2011 Words and Dreams Shanghai,18 Gallery


  • Sep 2010 Resonance Shanghai,18 Gallery
  • Sep 2010 Creators Project Beijing,798
  • Sep 2010 a world which is being built! Shanghai,V Arts Centre
  • Feb 2010 Transmediale Berlin


  • Dec 2009 Sweet Future Shanghai
  • Nov 2009 Fantastic Illusions - Media Art Exhibition of Chinese and Belgian Artists Belgium,Shanghai
  • Sep 2009 New Media Archaeology Shanghai,DDM
  • Apr 2009 Art Beijing 2009 Thematic Exhibition- Art Unforbidden Beijing


  • Oct 2008 Shift Festival Switzerland
  • Oct 2008 eArts Festival Shangha
  • Sep 2008 Virtual City (New Power – China Contemporary Art Biennale 2008)
  • June 2008 Synthetic Times Public Education Project Beijing
  • July 2008 Mini Summit on New Media Arts Policy & Practice Singapore
  • Apr 2008 SEWN Segment Space Shanghai


  • Nov 2007 Microwave Internationl Media Art Festival Hongkong
  • Nov 2007 Long March Beijing
  • Oct 2007 eArts Festival Shanghai
  • Oct 2007 SEWN Segment Space Beijing
  • Aug 2007 Lange Nacht Beijing
  • Aug 2007 Getitlouder Beijing
  • Jul 2007 Zhangjiang science, technology and culture festival Shanghai
  • Jun 2007 THE MOBILE LAB Borderline Festival Beijing
  • May 2007 CIGE multi media arts international lab forum Beijing
  • May 2007 Sustainable Imagination Beijing,Arario Gallery
  • Apr 2007 Deaf07 V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media Netherland
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