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People’s Republic of Xrbia (pronounced: Exerbia) a.k.a The Friendly Land, is perhaps the smallest amongst the world’s most technologically advanced countries. With a population of 11,203, it prides itself on having one of the highest standards of living. Immaculately planned with wide tree lined avenues, Xrbia is powered by renewable energy sources and has never witnessed a power-cut.

The tropical haven is home to ethnically diverse cultures and offers a host of attractions such as idyllic pools, landscaped gardens, charming boulevards, quaint cafes, spas, shopping arcades and plazas. Xrbia is visibly different from other urban centres with their traffic-choked roads. It’s the perfect getaway to relax, unwind and enjoy a sunset. Teeming with vibrant flora and fauna, from Begonias and Gulmohars to Spotted Heart Woodpeckers Speckled Mynahs and Ashy Minimets, it is also a nature lover’s paradise.

Being the only land that gifts the luxury of time to its people, thanks to the technology enabled lifestyle, It leaves much scope for its citizens to engage in leisure activities. It’s not surprising that sports such as Tennis, Cricket, Golf and Swimming find scores of enthusiasts.

Known for its love of art, music and theatre, Xrbia offers much in terms of artistic inspiration to its people, resulting in its emergence as a cultural hub in recent times. Its liberal social set up makes it possible for diverse opinions and artistic styles to flourish simultaneously. Xrbian cuisine famed for its array of delectable dishes , is a fusion of spices and flavours from across the world. From an elaborate spread of Continental delights, to the best of Asian and Mediterranean fare, the Xrbian platter has it all.


The name Xrbia has been derived from the English word Exurb, which means a prosperous area beyond the city’s suburbs.


Population Size

The land where three is company and two is a crowd. Xrbia is one of those rare places in the world which still boast of more trees than people. With a population of 11, 203 people, a queue here generally comprises of an average of two people.


Besides being well known for the harmonious inter-mingling between its remarkably diverse populace, its liberal social mores, and its welcoming attitude toward immigrants, Xrbia communicates in an impressive mix of over 12 languages and 147 dialects. Thankfully, English features prominently in that list.


Xrbia is characterized by a mild tropical climate. Average temperatures range between 20-28 degrees centigrade. The nights are usually cool thanks to Xrbia’s altitude. Winter, spring and autumn are always pleasant, encouraging a flurry of outdoor activities. Monsoons are marked by thunder showers that transform the virgin landscape into a sight of spectacular greenery.


Flora And Fauna:

Xrbia abounds with flora and fauna. Ranging from Begonia, Desert Rose, Acacia, Silky Elephant Glory, Dandelion, Gulmohar and Passion Fruit, to Spotted Heart Woodpecker, Ashy Minimet, Peregrine Falcon, Crested Serpent Eagle, and Speckled Mynah.

Town Planning:

The capital of Xrbia, Sun City, consists of high tech urban homes equipped with the best of modern facilities. It’s planned such that an abundance of communal spaces including outdoor auditoriums, amphitheatres, and green areas are available as hang-out spots for Xrbia’s young and old alike. Tourist attractions include lakes, landscaped gardens, charming boulevards, quaint cafes, spas, shopping arcades and plazas.


Xrbia is one of the world’s youngest countries. The founding fathers of Xrbia drew upon decades of painstaking scientific research and technological breakthroughs. Built with the vision of harnessing renewable energy resources for productive uses in everyday life, Xrbia is an epitome of futuristic living.

Perhaps the only land that gifts the luxury of time to its people, Xrbia also presents an atmosphere whereby a spectrum of divergent opinions and beliefs can exist peacefully alongside one another.


Fast emerging as a flourishing centre of trade, commerce and industry, Xrbia’s economic scenario is conducive to competitive and innovative businesses. Dotted with plush malls and cineplexes, Xrbia’s economic curve reflects steady growth.

Government And Civil Administration:

The size of Xrbia’s population ensures its effectiveness as a representative democracy. The general well-being and quality of life of its citizens is of utmost importance to Xrbia’s statesmen. Moreover, the consent of all citizens is sought before any decision of strategic importance is taken. In its history there’s never been a single record of corruption, siphoning of funds or misuse of power.

Foreign Relations:

Xrbia opens its doors to all travellers and has amiable relations with all countries, engaging in a free flow of ideas, trade and even recipes with them. Its decision to exist as a non-militarized zone bereft of arms, makes it possible for it to command the trust of other nations around the world.

Social Infrastructure:


Xrbia is proud to have a literacy rate of 100 percent. With some of the premier institutions of the country just around the block, Xrbia’s citizens have access to the best school, college and university education in a wide range of disciplines and specializations.


Xrbia makes a host of advanced health care facilities available to its citizens and visitors. With state-of-the-art hospitals and medical research centres in its vicinity, medical emergencies are well taken care of.


There have been no known incidences of crime or violence in Xrbia . It is entirely safe to venture out at all hours of the day.



The fact that Xrbia is a melting pot of cultures is best reflected in its cuisine. Here, spices and condiments of the North and the South, zesty flavours of the West and divine aromas of the East meet in a seamless blend, making for an unforgettable romance for your taste buds. Available alongside the choicest Indian delicacies, is a range of global cuisines. From a majestic spread of Continental delights, to the best of Asian and Mediterranean fare, the Xrbian platter has it all.


The Culture of Xrbia draws from an ancient heritage of traditional Indian art forms. The average Xrbian possesses a keen sense of interest in all things pertaining to the realm of art and culture. Their deep love for theatre manifests itself in the myriad plays and musicals organized and staged by them.


Xrbia hosts an annual international film festival screening award-winning films from over 50 countries. The week long film festival and is reputed for its after parties and celebrity guests.

The country is also known for its musical celebrations held in a carnivalesque atmosphere with parades and street dances. It brings together composers, instrumentalists, vocalists and deejays from all over the world, besides providing a platform for local talents.

Xrbia also organizes a International Food festival each year which is attended by chefs and food lovers from all over the world.


Kite flying is Xrbia’s national sport. National tournaments are held every year and attended by scores of enthusiastic participants. Other popular sports include swimming, golf, tennis and cricket.


Loafers and piggy back rides are the preferred means to explore Xrbia. You can also cycle down the beautiful wide avenues or take a drive down in an electric automobile. The good news is, there’s never any traffic in your way.

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