Xi Alpha Pi (ΞΑΠ), also known as "XAP" or "Xi's", is a multicultural-interest fraternity based in Canada. Founded at University of Toronto Scarborough in 2008, the fraternity's existence is defined by its mission to build better men of society, or specifically, leaders of multiculturalism and humanitarian concern, through the Four Pillars of "Unity, Sacrifice, Achievement, and Growth." The fraternity’s motto, "in brotherhood we sacrifice," depicts the fraternity’s aim to live as a collective family, where members commit their lives to the duty of making sacrifices for their brothers and for all those who are helpless.



Xi Alpha Pi was founded by six Founding Fathers in response to the issues of: passive multiculturalism leading to ethnic/cultural isolations, discrimination due to a lack of comprehension for differences, and urbanization's rarity in altruistic behaviour. The Founding Fathers envisioned to create a multicultural brotherhood of unified strength based on the values of altruism, collectivism, and sacrifice, which would revolutionize the way present-day fraternities are perceived.

Fraternity History

The birth of Xi Alpha Pi was initially inspired by the dramatic transition of historical fraternities to modern-day fraternities. Dissatisfied with what many fraternities in North America had turned into, their methods of operation, and the connotations that they reflected, the Founding Fathers considered starting a new one-of-a-kind fraternity in the country.

In Canada, with a significant visible minority population, huge numbers of ethnic enclaves, a lack of cultural fraternities, and the dominating scene of cultural isolation on campus, the Founding Fathers regarded a new outlet to promote multicultural awareness and to aid different ethnic/cultural groups, a necessity. Combing all ideas from the Founding Fathers, the decision to create a brand new fraternity from scratch was eventually proposed and agreed upon. It was decided that they would construct a fraternity, of both modernity and traditions, unique in its own ideals and beliefs, inclusive of all cultural backgrounds, and without the weaknesses perceived in other fraternities. In addition, the fraternity would aim to strengthen qualities amongst its members so that they would become better men of society and contribute to building a better world. The Founding Fathers wanted to offer the world a meaningful organization that could challenge the negative stereotypes of fraternities with its eclectic mix of traditional Greek teachings, modern thought, and revolutionary concepts such as: a "zero membership fee" requirement and a strict anti-hazing policy. Through collaborative efforts, a new brotherhood was officially formed on 28 September 2008 under the name of Xi Alpha Pi. Each individual Greek letter is symbolic to an ideal of the fraternity, and the Greek letters as a whole represent the unified strengths and common purpose of the brotherhood. On 2 October 2008, the first official Xi Alpha Pi meeting was held and this was the historical moment where the fraternity began to operate as a new organization. [1]


Mission Statement

"We, the Brothers of Xi Alpha Pi Fraternity, swear to uphold the values of Unity, Sacrifice, Achievement, and Growth, in order to become better men of society and to benefit the whole of humanity."[2]

Founding Objectives

In order to fulfill the ultimate purpose of Xi Alpha Pi, the objectives of the organization shall be:

  • To discover the truth about ourselves through the appreciation of our unique cultural heritage.
  • To unite all cultures by promoting active multiculturalism and cultural awareness.
  • To forge an eternal brotherhood of men dedicated to sacrifice for each other, overcome all struggles together, and to better ourselves.
  • To persist for the highest academic potential and accomplish the greatest achievements in our lifetime.
  • To aid all those who are helpless, suffering and voiceless with our individual and collective strengths.
  • To develop strong skills of leadership, interpersonal and moral to be utilized in our undergraduate and postgraduate years.
  • To inspire others through our actions of greatness.[2]

Four Pillars

In carrying out the purpose of Xi Alpha Pi, the fraternity intends to personify the Four Pillars within the lives of the brotherhood. The Four Pillars are:

  • Unity – loyal to one another, collective as a brotherhood, and multicultural as a family.
  • Sacrifice – devotion to the brotherhood and compassion towards humanity.
  • Achievement – men of success, self-motivation, and persistence.
  • Growth – self-improvement, the thirst for knowledge, and attainment of wisdom.[2]

Xi Alpha Pi Today

Xi Alpha Pi has made numerous charitable contributions to local and global communities through members’ long-term dedication to philanthropy and community service. With a focus on multicultural philanthropy, the fraternity emphasizes on meaningful hands-on experiences and interactions with diverse cultural communities around the globe. Examples from 2009 and 2010 include: the organization of "Unleashed 101" charity concert at The Opera House to raise funds for United Way Toronto in support of community redevelopment in the Greater Toronto Area; the hosting of two blood donor clinics on campus in collaboration with Canadian Blood Services; sponsoring the "University of Toronto Annual Tri-Campus Stem Cell Challenge" to increase the ethnic diversity of the Canadian Stem Cell and Marrow Database in collaboration with OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network; raising and donating funds for humanitarian aid to the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and sponsoring the education of children in poverty overseas. [3] [4] [5]



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