xFaTal clan is a quick scope team on the call of duty series, they have been together for 1 year and are good at trickshots the clan has almost 20-30 members due to a large number of recruitment that happened this year on both mw3 and mw3, they also have a battlefield group that has 3 members including 2 from the original group


the team was created by a group of school mates who wished to have a clan, they are not in the elite clan due to the fact that its not worth it with the time issue. the clan has had a rocky rode the last couple of months due to the no longer LeadeR was trying to get owner rights, both owner and leader have left the clan. the old leader xFaTal L3GACY (not spelt correct for privacy resonse) owner but no longer in the clan xFaTal R3V3NGE new owner xFaTal FLAVOR designer/advertiser OpTic Fall0ut/xFaTal Fall0uT

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