X-fixie (stylized as X-Fixie; Hangul: 엑빅시, is a 5-member South Korean girl group signed to DSP Media. The members are Park Hyo Lyn(leader), Ariel Park Hye-Shin, Min Hyung Nie, Tasya Ming Jun and Sunny Hyun In. On January 12, 2006, the group released their debut mini-album, Know X-Fixie, and made their television debut on MBC television program, Show! Music Core, on January 14, 2006. "X-Tream" (formed by combining the words "X" has officially been announced as X-Fixie's fan club name.The colour of the fan club is Silver.



Around January 2006, the first rumors emerged regarding the release of a new "girl group" from the DSP company. The group was rumored to be composed of five females, with accompanying reports suggesting that some members had been in training with DSP Media for four years. Retrieved July 5, 2006.In late October and early November, DSP Media released daily "teasers" of X-Fixie and then released a music video teaser for Know X-Fixie on November 6, 2007. November 6, 2007. Retrieved July 6, 2006.

Debut of Know X-Fixie

On November 3, 2006, X-Fixie was launched as an official musical group. DSP issued a statement explaining, “The members of X-Fixie were picked so that their physical appearances wouldn’t be inferior to Fin.K.L”.

On November 11, 2006, the music video for "Know X-Fixie" was released, with the mini album, containing five songs, released on the following day.The five songs is, X-Fixie; Hangul: 엑-빅시, Snow Princess; Hangul: 눈 공주, I'm Your Girl; Hangul: 난 당신의 여자예요, I Got Your Love; Hangul: 난 당신의 사랑을 가지고 and One Voice; Hangul: 한 목소리.

Following the release of "Know X-Fixie", the group embarked on promotion for "Snow Princess", a written in response to SS501's song, "U R Man".

On January 1, 2007,the music video for album "5ive Princess" was released.Containing five songs,released on the following day.The five song is, Heart Stories; Hangul: 심장 이야기, The Fairy Princess; Hangul: 요정 공주, Let's Dance Together; Hangul: 함께 춤 추자 featuring SS501. One Heart; Hangul: 한 가지 마음 and Miss Faboulous; Hangul: 미스 멋진 .

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