Wuzzle's origins are a bit of a mystery. Some say he was found as a stray at woodhall service station, some say hes the product of an overfunded government experiment on cuteness. He promptly escaped from his maximum security holdings. He spent some years surviving as a soldier of fortune. If you had a problem, and if you could find him, maybe you could hire the Wuzzle. Some say hes from another world entirely, enhabited exclusively by other Wuzzles. Our Wuzzle disagreed with the politics of his leaders after he voted in an election that no-one actually won. He buried a load of faeces under the leaders home and waited till nightfall to set it on fire. He then made his getaway in conveniently the only craft on his planet capable of space travel, which had been left on the road next to him with the window slightly ajar. Of course having no opposable thumbs he couldnt really control it very well and ended up crashing into a wooden hutch somewhere in Barnsley. Some say hes just a rabbit. Some say hes the reincarnated soul of Barry White. Hence why all the ladies are constantly attracted to him. With his smooth baritone singing voice he can woo the most untouchable ladies in the world. Some say he is part of an alien invasion force which wasnt really very successful. He is a land wuzzle and part of the infantry. He can sometimes be seen communicating with other members of his armed forces, such as the tree wuzzles (commonly known as the Owl) upside down wuzzles (koalas) and the woofing wuzzle (west highland terrier). They were planning on taking over the world, but when they realised the hoomans fell for their cuteness and would feed them and look after their every need, they decided occupation was too much effort and prefered a life of sleeping and eating.

He loves the ladies (bunny and human!) and will do anything for some Wuzzle-loving!

He lives with his wife Peaches in their 2 storey condo. They have no children. They have 2 hooman pets called Martyn and Bekkie.

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