Wranglerstar is a prominent Youtube personality, whose heartfelt videos are dedicated to a simpler way of life. Wranglerstar has won the prestigious partner on the rise award from YouTube as well as the silver play button plaque. He’s also been featured in a documentary called Beyond Off-Grid.

Wranglerstar’s real name is Cody, he has a wife who he refers to as Mrs.Wranglerstar and a son named Jack. In 2010 He and his wife made the decision to leave behind there comfortable, urban lifestyle in exchange for a primitive homestead in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In the beginning, YouTube was a convenient way for him to share there adventure with friends and family. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that such a diverse and engaging community would take an interest in his channel. As of July 2014 his channel has over 117 thousand subscribers and over 26 million views.

Cody and his family have a myriad of different reasons for choosing the homestead lifestyle, but most notably is his desire to serve God. He believes the slower pace of life is more conducive to his Christian walk. That being around the mountains and the trees speaks to the greatness of God and brings his way of thinking more in line with God’s. Cody has been ridiculed by some of his viewers for his periodic mention of his beliefs in his videos. Cody’s taken such criticism in stride and remarks that he is unwilling and unable to separate God from the content of his videos.

The Wranglerstar channel covers a wide variety of topics including the challenges of starting and maintaining a modern homestead. Cody haply shares with his subscribers his victories as well as his failures. His most popular videos are his timber framing, Logging and axe videos.

Cody’s way of life and convictions has had a powerful and positive effect on people all across the globe. Many of his subscribers have sent him private messages expressing their gratitude and sharing touching stories of how he’s impacted their lives. Cody seems to have a rather unique and unusually strong bond with his subscribers. He has, on more than one occasion opened his homestead to the Youtube public. Inviting certain prescreened subscribers to spend the night or the weekend with his family on the homestead, in what he calls Wranglerstar’s open house/ worker bee. The events are centered around meeting and bonding with like minded people. Cody said after the first open house in 2013 that” the worker bee turned out to be something very special I had not anticipated”.

Wranglerstar is not Cody’s first Youtube channel nor is it his only. Cody also hosts a weekly bible study on Justin TV where he has amassed a strong following. Cody is not the only member of his family to have a successful Youtube channel. His sister who has appeared in several Wranglerstar videos and whom he affectionately calls the fresh P uploads videos regularly to her YouTube channel the fresh princess.

Cody’s gathered a wide variety of skill sets useful to modern day homesteading from his varied careers which include construction foreman, heavy equipment operator, mechanic , EMT and wildland fire fighter. Cody’s most notable teacher was his grandfather. Cody also has a desire for learning hands on. He’s taught himself the art of blacksmithing, woodworking/timber framing and countless other useful skills.

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Wranglerstar has posted anti-feminist sentiments in the past.[1]

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