The World Kickboxing Federation founded in 1963 in USA is a martial arts organization that promotes Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed martial arts. WKF is one of the biggest World wide sanctioning bodies for Kick boxing, Thai Boxing and MMA.

Since 2009 Mrs. Alischia Czaja from Poland becomes World president, in January 2011 Mr. Fritz Exenberger becomes CEO and moved the World head office to Vienna, Austria. Soon he re-launched the WKF on 6 continents, created new internet web sites with valid and weekly updated World rankings, event schedule and much more.

Since January 2012 German Mr. George MUELLER became World president of the amateur division. For amateurs WKF head office promote many tournaments World wide. Every second Year World Championships, like 2012 in Varazdin, Croatia and 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic. In between continental Championships like in Lviv, Ukraine, 2013 and Kalisz, Poland, 2015.

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