Wordbee is a web-based translation platform, also known as a globalization management system (GMS), computer-assisted translation tool, or translation management system (TMS). The system was developed by Wordbee, a translation software company based in Luxembourg. Wordbee is sold as a software as a service/SaaS or site installation.


Wordbee was created in March, 2008 by José Vega and Stephan Böhmig in Luxembourg.[1] Wordbee was launched in the first-generation of cloud solutions in the language technology industry. As a cloud solution, Wordbee combines the traditional features of a TMS with the collaborative nature of a shared online workspace, also known as collaborative translation.

Licensing model

Wordbee is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution and proposes fixed, floating and pay-per-use licenses or combinations thereof.


The following is a list of Wordbee capabilities according to the categories defined on the globalization management system (GMS) entry.

Business Management

Client & Supplier management

  • Supplier, client and staff database management
  • Pricelist and cost management
  • Access rights and roles management

Automated cost management

  • Invoicing and financial reporting
  • Automated cost/invoice/PO generation
  • Automated cost/invoice/PO generation combined with crowdsource techniques
  • Invoice tracking

Collaborative functionality

  • Online financial/word count modules for customers to track their expenses
  • Online financial/word count modules for any freelance translators working for a customer, for review and financial management
  • Supplier language service provider companies can manage their suppliers in a customer's Wordbee deployment, fully integrating.

Process Management (Workflows)

Content Management System integration

  • Wordbee integrates with any content management system.

Translation setup phase

Traditional funcionality
  • Automatic setup for previously translated documents
  • Document portal so customers/employees can upload documents for translation
  • Job assignment and automatic invoice creation
  • Deadline management
  • Automated deadline calculation
  • Machine translation and post-editing workflows
Collaborative funcionality

Crowdsourcing workflows Job Assignment/Acceptance emails generated by Wordbee

Translation work phase

Traditional funcionality
  • Online computer-assisted translation tool
  • Integrated, official terminology databases
  • Glossary/custom terminology databases
  • Custom hotkeys stored per user
  • Version history
  • Document preview, including wysiwyg previews for web files
Collaborative functionality
  • Multiple people can work in the same document, at the same time. For example, a translator, a proofreader, and a manager.
  • Integrated communications for translation teams
  • Comments and issue tracking in real-time, accessible in the document itself
  • Teams can maintain glossaries or memories in real-time

Management work phase

Traditional funcionality
  • Handoffs between translators and proofreaders automated by Wordbee
  • Revised source documents on in-progress translations can be swapped on the go
  • CoDyt (Continuous and Dynamic translations) for workflow automation
Collaborative funcionality
  • Real-time statistics for managers
  • Managers can access in-progress documents to answer questions or review translations
  • Customers or subject matter experts (SMEs) can access in-progress documents to answer questions or make comments
  • Security
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Secure connection (SSL)

Language management

  • Linguistic resources
  • Online, real-time translation memory
  • Real-time maintenance of memories and glossaries
  • Integrated Terminology databases
  • Multilingual and multi-directional translation and project memories
  • Global search within all linguistic resources
  • Access to online dictionaries
  • Import/export formats: TMX, XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, TBX
  • Document version management at the document or segment levels
  • Quality control, scoring and analysis
  • Virtual split of large documents into several parts

Supported document formats

Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, ASP, Microsoft.NET resources, Web pages, Code files (c#, Java), Microsoft Office Suite, multilingual Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Visio, Open Office, Plain text, PO/POT files, RTF files, TTX files, Web pages, XLIFF files, XML files, XSL files, searchable PDF to Word conversion, … Wordbee also includes a tool to add file formats using regular expression.


  1. Seal of e-Excellence. European Seal of e-Excellence Awards 2011.

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