Woodlawn Manufacturing is a precision manufacturer of metal parts and assemblies for the defense, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, HVAC and other industries. Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Marshall, Texas, Woodlawn is a supplier for the Hydra-70 warhead bodies and a major supplier for flare cases. A portfolio company of the Lone Star Investment Advisors CRA Fund, Woodlawn Manufacturing received it ISO 9001:2008 Certification in May 2009. ISO 9000, a family of standards for quality management systems, is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization and administered by accreditation and certification bodies.

The company celebrated a 5,100-square-foot (470 m2) expansion to its offices May 26, 2010, with its dedication to Paul F. White, former owner of the company. Originally hired as Plant Manager, Cory R. Mayo was named Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Woodlawn Manufacturing on October 8, 2010. As first- and second-tier supplier to the United States Armed Forces, Woodlawn Manufacturing produces rocket warhead bodies, flare cases and other ammunition. Woodlawn is a member of the Harrison County Manufacturing Council, Marshall Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers and the Association of the United States Army.


Hydra-70 Rocket – Warhead Body

Woodlawn has manufactured the warhead body for the Hydra-70 Rocket System since 1997. The Hydra-70 is a low cost and versatile family of unguided rockets that are most often used by attack helicopters, but are adaptable for many aircraft and military vehicles and are now gaining approval for shipboard use. The rocket contains a micro-processor that provides automatic control of the components, including motors, fuses, and a variety of warheads. The versatility is created by the number of warhead configurations and range of combinations offered by the rockets. A pilot is empowered to engage a variety of targets and flexibly choose the ammunition appropriate for that target. The Hydra-70’s management system permits a relatively inexpensive fuse versus electronic guidance control system.

Countermeasure Flare Cases

Historically, Woodlawn has produced 1.5M to 3.0M countermeasure flare cases annually. Countermeasure flares are fired from most type of aircraft to counter infrared guided surface-to-air or air-to-air missiles. The flares are made up of metals that spontaneously combust. When fired, they burn at thousands of degrees, which serves as a decoy to attract the infrared missiles to the flare instead of the aircraft’s engine.

Other Ammunition

Woodlawn manufactures metal parts for ammunition ranging from 40-155MM in size. The company has a long production history for most of its ammunition products and is now producing metal parts for several different types of ammunition. As a first-tier supplier for most of the ammunition metal parts it produces, the company is performing on government orders.


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