Wisdom is a Facebook application released by MicroStrategy. It runs on MicroStrategy Gateway technology. The Wisdom application is available for free on the Wisdom website[1] or as an app from the App Store and links with the user’s Facebook social graph.

The Wisdom application was first released in September 2011. Wisdom Professional was announced in July 2012, allowing businesses access to Facebook data such as consumer preferences, demographics, and activities. Features include comparison between brands, audience research, psychographic grouping of fans, and integration of third-party data sources such as U.S. Census data.[2]

Wisdom has been used during the 2012 GOP presidential race to analyze candidates’ supporter Facebook "Likes", interests, preferences, and behavioral trends.[3][4] Leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, Wisdom also answered questions about New York Giants and New England Patriots fans.[5][6]

Usage and features

Wisdom is described as an application that enhances Facebook by helping users make sense of the amount of data available through their social networks. At the MicroStrategy World 2011 user conference in Monte Carlo, Facebook CIO Tim Campos made a presentation discussing the impact of social media and how social is transforming industries today.[7][8]

Features include:

  • FriendFilter: Filter friends quickly using demographic characteristics and location. This feature negates the need to manually create Friend Lists on Facebook.[9]
  • Feed: The “Intelligent Feed” organizes Facebook updates from the user’s Friend network, by placing posts into categories such as “Romance”, “Travel” and “Career”. Displays posts from up to 30 days ago, instead of Facebook’s usual display of only the last 3 days of information in the News Feed.
  • Chatter: Allows user to view discussions between their friends and their friends’ friends to see the most popular conversations in their Facebook network.
  • Events: Organizes Facebook Events by popularity, date, number (or percent) friends attending, and demographics such as gender and relationship status.
  • Places: Displays all Facebook Places “check-ins” from across a user’s social network.
  • Interests: Shows which Interests are popular within one’s network – including the most frequently liked movies, music, books, TV shows, and bars.
  • About Me: This view includes interactive dashboard-style elements of the user’s Facebook usage statistics and network of friends.
  • Friends: Friends list that can be browsed and filtered by age, location, relationship, etc. Also displays each person’s most recent status update.


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