Win McMurry is a contributor to the Golf Channels' Grey Goose 19th hole and quite possibly the most beautiful woman to ever touch a club. Her amiable personality is exceeded only by her ripply, golden hair, luscious pinks lips and complexion, exotic green eyes and immaculate figure. Her smile like the lighthouses of old bringing long lost voyagers to shore.

It is possible her beauty is relatively increased due to the bald-headed doofus she normally works alongside of. But there is no doubt she brings sensation to a certain area of the Golf Channels' key demographics' bodies they had long since thought worthless. Not only that but she lightens up the broadcast and brings in new viewers that are easily worn by the common critiques of her male counterparts. Her segments are sure to bring higher ratings to the network as well as higher blood pressures to every man that ever lay eyes on her.

Also, she graduated from University of North Carolina with a B.A. from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, a second major in communication studies and also a post-graduate certificate in Business from the Kenan-Flagler school of business. So not only incredibly gorgeous but intelligent. She is angelic by definition.

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