The Williamstown Braves is the name of the sports teams at Williamstown High School in New Jersey. There is a Varsity baseball team, a Junior Varsity baseball team, and a Freshmen baseball team.


The Varsity braves team is the premiere team of the 3 Williamstown High School baseball teams. Having the best baseball players possible the Varsity braves are a team to be seen if you live in the town. Players that are on the Varsity team are very likely to take their baseball career seriously, so a lot of the players are hoping to play college baseball.

Junior Varsity

The Junior Varsity or JV braves are the group of players that are not freshmen or Varsity players, but are still on the team for JV (Think of it like MLB there is MLB, AAA, AA). So the Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams are what the Varsity team farms from. Taking the best players to play for Varsity.


The Freshmen braves team consists of the Freshmen students who are in there first year of High School. The team is thought of many as a developmental team (Since its all first year players).

Just So You Know

This page was wrote by someone who does not work for this team or school in any way, shape, or form.

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