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William K. Howell former President and CEO of Miller Brewing Company

Beer wars 1979 NBC world News-0

Beer wars 1979 NBC world News-0

William K

William K. Howell Miller Brewing Company president and CEO 1979-1

William K. Howell came to Miller Brewing Company in 1972. Philip Morris Acquired Miller Brewing Company in 1970 and sent two of there top executives John A. Murphy and William K. Howell to Miller in 1972 inorder to surpass Anheuser-busch. In 1973 Billl and John tested a new product called Lite beer from Miller(miller Lite) in several states. By 1975 It caught on and was sold nation wide moving Miller Brewing Company from the nations No.7 brewery in the world to No.2 almost over night. After launching Miller Lite industry peers such as Anheuser-busch and coors followed suit introduced light beers of there own. Early in 1978 John Murphy moved back to Philip Morris headquarters in New York City in order to take on other projects for Philip Morris, and William Howell continued to expand Miller Brewing Company by taking market share from Anheuser-busch and introducing successsful new products such as Miller Genuine Draft as well as Millers famous catch phrase (It's Miller Time) in 1986. Bill retired early in 1988. Before all of his success Bill grew up in Radford VA. where he played basketball and football in high school. Howell recieved a football scholarship to the University of Richmond to play wide receiver and graduated with a B.S. in Business administration in 1953. After college Bill spent two years as a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps before beginning his thirty three year career at Philip Morris in 1955.