transmitNOW is a global organization formed to generate and remodel innovative ideas into projects and businesses in the creative industries. transmitNOW’s projects focus on sustainability in these industries, and the group aims to change “how ideas and thought leaders interact.” [1] The organization is based out of Victoria BC.


transmitNOW was founded in 2006 as a set of international conferences and study groups devised to examine the changes that Digital Technology has exerted on music and other content based industries. [2] [3] The organization aims to identify resolutions for the challenges presented by technology advancements to these creative industries. Primarily, transmitNOW is concerned with the monetization of digital content.[3] and the group’s ultimate objective is to “develop sustainable strategies” that will stimulate the growth of "creative and digital sectors as a whole.” [3]

The transmitNOW community is comprised of a worldwide network of academics, creative figures and business leaders.[3] The organization's Transmission Advisory Board, a subset of transmitNOW’s larger network, has recently divided transmitNOW into two new sections: a Commercialization Division and a Research Division.[4]

The Commercialization Division accelerates new business and project ventures related to the creative industries, while the Research Division is devoted to policy and research advancement related to the future of creative industries.[4]


International transmitNOW events are held in China (transmitCHINA)[5], and recently have expanded to include other emerging markets such as Brazil (transmitBRAZIL). [6] [7] Founder and CEO Tyl van Toorn has also expressed interest in expanding to include Mumbai, Moscow and São Paulo. [2] These international summits are held in addition to the transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT event, which has been held in North America since its inception.

transmitNOW’s conferences are invite-only [8], and participants include executive leaders, thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs from mobile, gaming, film, television, publishing and music industries. [3] [6] Invites travel from as far away as Finland, Portugal, Israel, China, Germany and Argentina [9], and transmitNOW’s events have been described as as an “integral meeting place" for all corners of the creative industries. [10]


transmitNOW's signature roundtable event, transmitTALKS, consist of organized interactions between different invited transmitNOW participants. Each transmitTALKS manifests itself in two and a half days of facilitated roundtable discussions, keynote presentations and B2B Sessions[11] .

transmitNOW’s roundtable conferences involve 150 participants. [12] The conferences entail organized discussions, keynote presentations[13] , and encourage participants of different creative industries to discuss their respective information strategies in their businesses. [6] B2B sessions involve corporate presentations and one-on-one meetings with targeted groups, sectors, stakeholders and individuals. [6]. transmitNOW works in partnership with global facilitators, The Value Web[14] , renowned for their work at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Past transmitTALKS Participants

Past companies that have participated at the transmitTALKS roundtables include:

7 Digital, AbeBooks, AEG, Apple, AUX TV, Baidu, Barsuk Records, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Beggars Group, Behance Network, Berklee Media, Billboard, BigChampagne, BlackBerry, BMI, Bonsound, Bookriff, CFC Media Lab, CBC Radio, Centre for Digital Media, China Central Television, China Record Corporation, Coachella, Columbia Records, Concerto Marketing Group, Creative Man, Domino Records, Drowned In Sound, Electronic Arts, EMI, Epitaph, ESPN, Frog Design, Future of Music Coalition, Glastonbury, Goldenvoice, Gowlings, Grooveshark, Greenberg Traurig LLP, Hertz & Lichtenstein LLP, HMV, Huayi Brothers, Indigo, InGrooves, Intel, International Confederation of Music Publishers, IODA, Ipsos-Reid, JVC/Victor Entertainment, Los Angeles Times, Lev Group Media, Live Nation, London Metropolitan University, MasurLaw, McGill University, Merlin, Metrolyrics, Metan Development Group, Microsoft, Modern Sky, MOG, Motorola, MTV, Nettwerk Music Group, Ninja Tunes, Nokia, Ogilvy + Mather, OpenFile, PacketVideo, PapayaMobile, Peking University, Polar Mobile, PricewaterhouseCoopers, R2G, Rdio, Real Networks, Rekoo, RGK Entertainment Group, Royal Roads University, Shanghai Media Group, Singtel Innov8 Fund, Sire Records, Slacker Radio, Smoothweb, SOCAN, Sonico, Sonos, Sony Music, Sony ATV Publishing, Soundcloud, Split Works, Sub Pop, TBWA Group, Telus, Tencent, The Agency Group, The Orchard, The Value Web, Tianji, Tsinghua University, Tunewiki, Universal Music Group, Universal Publishing, University of Toronto, University of Washington, Warner Music Group, Warner/Chappell, Work[at]Play, Xiami, Youku Tudou, YouTube [15]


transmitLIVE is the artist showcase component of transmitNOW events, which include live consists of live performances designed to “connect creators to consumers" [1]. It is divided into showcase, festival and block party sections. transmitLIVE includes “a series of musical performances and art installations” celebrating local and international artists, musicians and creative media figures. It occurs in the evening, complementing transmitTALKS during the day.[16] [17]


transmitFORGE is a part of transmitNOW’s Commercialization Division. The program, formerly known as the transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT's Innovation Camp, is designed to accelerate new ventures with resourcing, mentorship and access to the Transmission network by hosting a 3-day “Acceleration Programme” in addition to the transmitTALKS events. [18]

Startups apply through an application process and are selected for offering new business concepts and addressing industry concerns and new approaches to generating revenue in the creative industries. [18]

Venture Commercialization

The Commercialization Division of transmitNOW was initiated to address the commercialization of new policy and business concepts that arise from both transmitNOW’s events and activities focused on creative industries and technology sectors[4] . It currently encompasses the transmitFORGE Acceleration Programme. [18]


The Research Division of transmitNOW was devised to develop new practices for research and development in the creative industries. The division aims to distill the intelligence generated at the transmitNOW events into resources for public policies and technological solutions. Metadata, which was identified as a key topic by industry leaders at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 in Victoria[19], is one of the division's main research focus.


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