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hitler the german

hitler the german

so lyk hitler killed the jews like a couple millon of them n ill tell u y.

so one day lyk 16 yr old hitlr had came home from his skool and errybody had blu eyes and yellow hair with OBEY snapbacks and tattoos. neway, he came home and he told his mom he was lyk "Mom can i PLZPLZPLZPLZ bleached my hair blond and hav blue contacts PL0X." his ma said Nope. Like that Memes face that says no. he said BUT MA I GOTTA HAVE THIS EVERYONE THINKS IM A BROKE ASS LITTLE JOHJOH ASS BOOTY. LOW TITTY NO NIPPLE HAVIN ASS BIIITCH and she said hitler go suck a caaaaaaaa. and he said ma I fkin h8 u and she said whateva.

n he totlly raged at his ma and stormed into his room and cut himself lyk 4 more times. he worte in his diary 

"dear diary, why can't i be like the rest of the germans even tho i look like a jew bagel i wuld still lyk to look german. god i hate these jews." he fell asleep on his bunk bed. the next morning his ma surpirsed him with a OBEY snap back and like 15 dollars to get a tatto. his too favorite things in the whole entire world. he skipped skool to get a swastika on his left butt cheek and took a pictur of him duckfaceing, yolo'ing the picture like. He pulled his pants down and took a picture with his OBEY snapback. and started singing Snap backs and tattoos. he sent that picture to his jewish frind. rob goldenburg and he said "brobro that was like totally 2 days ago and who the fuk gets a pic of a swastika on there asshole." hiter was maaaaaaaaad. so like he rage quitted againg and went to the school and James Holmed that class the rob wus in. he got in trouble and then like he also killd his ma and finilly bleached his hair and bought blue contacts from lyk. 1-800-contacts. and then when he dressed up like a little eminem he took like 6 millon jews and burned them all. and raped lyk 3

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