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Vaginal Trolls

Basic Information

A Vaginal Troll is a Vaccination for Females under the age of 21 against underage pre-marital Sexual Intercourse. The Parctice involves inserting a small insect, resembling a troll into the Vagina these insects are known simply as Vaginal Trolls due to their sole use. If a male penis is inserted into the Vagina the troll instinctively knows to bite and can often cause the Tip of the penis to become disconnected.

  • Basic Information
  • History
  • Laws & Goverment
  • Religious objections
  • Ejection
  • Mouth and Anus trolls


The Vaginal troll was discovered in 1805 by Sir Humphrey Hillbert whilst touring his newly purchased land in the Scottish Highlands near to the town of Fort William , its said is Teenage Son William Hilbert was bitten by one whilst Masturbating in the Garden of there Estate. William Died from shock and Blood loss and his wife began suffering from many unknown medical problems, Humphrey needed to find a way to make money to pay for his wife’s medical treatment. Being a devout Christian he saw a good way to make money in chastity, he collected several Trolls and began research. he tested several methods for inserting the troll into a female vagina he found simply inserting it with the fingers was the best option. Once he found that he decided to try it on living humans, found seven males and seven females being sentenced to death in Edinburgh Prison he inserted a vaginal troll into each of the Female inmates, in turn they got the males to engage in Sexual intercourse with the female inmates, 1 or 2 seconds after the penis was inserted into the vagina the Male inmate would fall away in pain, all would later die of blood loss. He later tried this one hundred more times, ninety nine of those the same thing happened. He began farming the trolls in 1810, however there use did not become widespread in the UK until the 1920’s, when underage sex was on the rise.

Laws & Goverment

In 1950, during the post war baby boom the British government passed the “Population Control Act 1950” Section 36 dictated that all new born baby girls must be inserted with a Vaginal troll before there seventh birthday. After this other countries began looking into using Vaginal trolls as methods of population control. In 1963 Alabama USA made it law for all girls to be implanted with Vaginal Trolls at birth. There use is banned in Australia, Russia, Germany and Spain.

Religious objections

Vaginal trolls aren’t actively condemned by any religion except Scientology, which condemns them as a cruel and oppressive measure.


Ejection is the term used for the day when the Vaginal troll leaves the body. Typically the Troll leaves the body through urination on the 21st Birthday however, ejection can occur on the first Period after the 21st Birthday.

Mouth and Anus trolls

Some parents make the decision to have their daughters implanted with Mouth and Anus trolls to avoid oral and anal sex, however this isn’t a legal requirement and can be costly to do.

In Popular Culture

Vaginal Trolls are mentioned under the slang term “Pussy trolls” in the 2006 Stoner comedy Clerks II.

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