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Thomas Callan LoPresti was born on August 9 1996 in the sky. . . becouse he is an angle of heaven. On his fall from the sky he used his smarts and invented what we all know as the ipod touch. As he hit the ground an apple fell upon his head and thus he decided to present this new invention to the company Apple. As the popularity of the new ipod touch took off Apple needed a face to go with it, however instead of chossing thomas to represent the product the board choose a man by the name of Steve Jobs. Out raged and thick blooded Thomas fell to England on his pony, Jeffery, and asked for aid from the British government to over through Apple. The Brits had other plans with Apple they had already formed and alliance with them and slaughtered Jeffery. Stuck on the island of England Thomas conjuered up a magic female wale and rode it to Fance were the two both proceded to get really fucking high.Then out of no where a giant egal swooped down and picked the wale up, throwning her into outerspace. This magic wale however was a whore for French dick and had been impragnated by one of her many lovers. As the wale gave birth in space she died and her baby remained in space floating around Earth. . . That is how the moon was made.


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