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Original Article

Back Ground - The El Dorado XC Untouchables is a group of Badasses that formed together in the years of 2006 through 2010. They all kick ass in some sort of way. Their Coach Ron Koppenhaver has made them some of the best runners in the state with killer workouts.


  • ((Tommy G.)) Mr. Legit
  • ((Casey Nightengale)) The Guy
  • ((Dale Nuckolls)) The Gorilla
  • ((Michael Riedl)) The Jew
  • ((Donavan Whitfield)) Playa Playa
  • ((Sam Haines)) Honorary Freshman
  • ((Ron Koppenhaver)) The Facilitator

Honorable Mentions

  • ((William Swan)) Stanky Will


  • El Dorado Kansas Web Page
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