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Original Article

The Weasels are a group mysterious, vigilanteous students whos identity's are currently unknown to the Australian public. They group of vigilante's contains approximately 7 members, all of whom currently attend Marsden State High School. Rumour has it that not only are they all really popular and cool, but they are all really awesome.

Committed Too

'The Weasels' are committed too...

  • Running away really quick
  • Lying to Mr Newton
  • Changing Desktop logos (Much to Ms Flethcers Dismay)
  • And weaseling out of difficult situations

Arch Nemesis

Currently, the greatest foe to ever challenge the integrity of the weasels is 'Da Cheezles'. Da Cheezles are rumoured to be two mysterious vigilantees that also attend Marsden State High School. It is a know fact that da cheezles are fags and no one likes them.


Consistent with their vigilanteous nature, the weasels advertise themselves by putting up mysterious posters around their school, as well as mysterious business cards.


The main business of The Weasels includes going on 'escapedes'. No one truly knows what occurs during these escapedes other than the weasels victims. They have been know to drive around in the 'Weasel Mobile' wearing mysterious black masks to hide their true identity. Yelling things such as, COMB IT, and HEY LITTLE BOY are just a few things that have been reported by civilians.

Captain Weas-Pants

Captain Weas-Pants is The Weasels trusty side kick. You do not want to mess with captain weas-pants.


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