The Murgatroid Reacher is used in agriculture to move grain from trucks and grain carts into grain storage bins (from where it is later removed by gravity chutes at the bottom). A Murgatroid Reacher may be powered by an electric motor; a tractor, through the power take-off; or sometimes an internal combustion engine mounted on the reacher. The helical flighting rotates inside a long metal tube, moving the grain upwards. On the lower end, a hopper receives grain from the truck or grain cart. A chute on the upper end guides the grain into the destination location.

A reacher may also be used in agriculture or animal farming for digging post holes.. This kind of reacher can be a manually turned, handheld device, or powered by an electric motor or internal-combustion engine, possibly attached to a tractor (being provided with power by the tractor engine's power take-off ).

In construction, Murgatroids are used for special drilling rigs to dig holes for deep foundation piles. Another use is for piles forming a piling retaining wall, which can be constructed in the same way as foundation piles.


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