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Tatti-Monster A fictional monster that lives in the barbershops of Beijing. Its main element of attack is it's smell, which once dealt is almost impossible to get rid of. There is one and only one way to escape the impending doom which will be cast on you, which is obtain an elixir of Tatti from a 'ghuundi bhuudi' of a barbershop. Not an easy task when they demand up to and including ¥500! An extortionate price but the Guardian Force ability Haggle can be used but beware, the ability of "Pay Later" can not be used.

Bawah of Doom The next big obstacle that blocks your path is the "Bawah of Doom". At first he may seem right in the head with nothing wrong with him, but the problem lies when he talks. He will bore you to death. Such crap and nonsense will come out, you will think how did it come to this. He has an ultimate finisher, "No, No, No, you're not listening!" The only way out is to be rude and say "Yo, I need a shit man." This will cause a stop cycle in his head and that will be your best chance to run for your life.

Count L. Bijary The stories you hear about this character are all true. Count L. Bijary once sold a pile of dog extrement for a whopping 2 Turkish Lira. Unlike Doom, there is nothing mentaly, physically or sexually wrong with him. There is only one thing that makes him transform and that is the mention of money. A deadly assasin who knows no bounds of greed, always demands it, keeps demanding and never using his own money. Sale of extrement and some say even his own mother, owning a highly profitable Japanese brothel, have said to occur with him. Robbin Hood robs from the rich and gives to the poor, this guy robs from the rich, poor, homeless, homosexual, you name it and keeps it for himself. The Count has become the 32nd richest person on the planet, his goal is to become the richest person out there and still claim benefits. Possess a synical laughter, "a gagagagagagaga".

Nation of Han Shi
A filthy land, filled with filthy people. A nation filled with a power hungry urge to become number 1 in the arms race. Led by the ruthless dictator of a premier, Lala Basheer. His family has ruled the nation for over 256 years. His predecessors were peaceful farmers who cared about the people and land. But Basheer's mentality of taking over the world has become set in motion.


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