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ZERO WOLF , the human god of death he walk among us like a normall human but it truley , enhanced more then a normall human is he is more skilled, faster, smarter, he is not truly A god of death but is more of a nick name, they got this nick name beacse they are a threat to life, imagine hunderds of these super human like people running about. it would couse choas whitch they love to start. the legend is that they are decents from antlatantis. the trait jumps throught generations finding the perfect body to inhabit they learn fast. not all of there names are zero wolf these are the names the are called frist name zero, zefora, zasos, zeta ,zeo , zita ,zira , zia last names ware chossen by them its something that reperents them and stays hidin the only who may now the last name is there true lover and she must find it to become his true love.

the only way to find these gods of death is to become thery close and pay great attion to how they act if they are therey secertive, and they know more then it seems they should, and they are always planin for something everything must be pleaned, they might not act like it but the everything they do is thery planned they love to fight they see plesure in that but they fight for skill and for honor not for pernal gain. they hate the light and music calms them down and helps them think so u will find them with the lights off and the music blareing alot. they also pick a local spot near them to train they train 24/7 everything they do is to become better the thery next second they breath that why they are so feard

there goals in life is to find true love and become the best at all clost

how do i know of this i have meet one my brother he was truely an god of death i found his name zero wolf it was told to me with his last breath he jumped in front of car rushing toward me wile on a bike ride broke my leg and killed my brother rite before it hit he screamed ZERO WOLF kyle my brother [1977-1993

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the human god of death

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