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Tolladine - Otherwise known as VVVV

Tolly, Tolli, Warzone, Shit whole, Scum of Worcester, Home, Hell, Cop cave, Love boat.

- Tolladine is a council estate - "it's lovely". -

Adivise for holiday makers in Tolladine -

  • Always pre-remove jewellery other othe shiney items of interest before leaving your vehicle, or it will be removed for you.
  • If you should leave your car unattended for some reason (maybe to break up a fight? )... Leave keys in lock to minimise damage to car once returned to you by West Mercia Police.
  • Should you pull over to use the tolladine chippy - make sure the you have suitable protection - i.e =

- 1 stab vest - 2 cans of mace - 1 bullet proof helmet - several easily accessable blunt objects

and most importantly - a well planned method of escape "suiscide maybe?"

Holiday makers may seek amusement or attractions -

Amusment - Gang warfare - 9pm - 3am Monday - Sunday Daylight robbery of 'lidl' or 'star' - check opening times. :S

Attractions - Mural expressionistic art (graffiti)... 'well' - everywhere?

Most important thing to remember when entering tolladine is - remember the way out - if stuck - follow a police car out.

And holiday makers - if you are considering a break away from the stress of life and work and you are planning to go to tolladine for a week ... please - seek professional help from you nearist GP.

Hope my advise will help - and for any spelling mistakes... sorry - blame 'TOLLY'!


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  • West Mercia Police
  • Urban Old wives tales
  • Local Myths
  • And my sista's bruva's bruva's misses's boy's uncle's bruva's muva's gramps's grandson. "Gaza - The barman at the "Farmers Boy" (Pub) in the heart of tolly.
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