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plane crash survivorship claim

Survivor Claim

Brian Weber of Draper, Utah, survived a terrible commercial jet crash in 1992 in New York City. The jet crashed into a New York City Skyscraper killing most of the passengers onboard. The plane whose flight number is unknown to him was scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah with a layover in Texas.

Shortly after take off from JFK Airport in New York, the plane did a sharp u-turn and began a steep decent. Passengers onboard were panicked. A passenger or terrorist shot Brian in the back. The shot prompted a phone call to his parent’s home in Orem, Utah. They suggested asking about a parachute to exit the plane. A glance forward in the plane suggested that no pilot or co-pilot was sitting in the cockpit and that the plane’s windshield had a hole that was several inches wide. The incident appeared to be a skyjacking or act of domestic terrorism and the chances of landing at the JFK Airport were hampered by the missing pilot that may have been shot.

Brian walked to the back of the plane and asked if any parachutes were available. The crewmember said no parachutes were available. An open hatchway showed the city below and he recognized Battery Park in New York City and that the trajectory suggested a crash landing into city buildings. He took a risk and decided to bail out of the jet and hit a skyscraper at high speed. He broke through the window and landed at the entryway of a corporate office. He was insured and partially blinded. The fate of the plane and the passengers was not known other than evidence that it hit the same building as he was unable to descend because the building had broken away below. He walked up the stairway and made phone calls to 911 for a rooftop pickup as the building was in flames. His may have been rescued by a rope around his leg that placed him at street level in New York City. Debris began to fall and he walked to a nearby subway station that became buried in ruble from the building. Some time later, search and rescue personnel were able to bore a hole to the subway level in order to retrieve injured and trapped individuals.

The details of the incident have been obscured out of respect for the survivors or for national security reason. Brian said he knew of some video that matched his exit from the plane with a red circle around him. The video is labeled as 911 Video from the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center. He said that the details and dates might have been changed out of respect for the survivors and the families of those who passed away. He said that it also had made any claim process difficult because of the confidential nature of the incident. As such no claims have been made. It also may have led to additional family and career disruption as he suggests he has had high monitoring, wiretap and invasion of privacy since.


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