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Wyatt Cramer

Wyatt Cramer

The most awesomest person besides Chuck Norris is commonly none as Wyatt Cramer. He is REALLY, REALLY, AWESOME. He is the best person ever. And he is a beast at every thing. Some people have said that he is 8 feet tall and can be shot by a 12 gauge at point blank in the chest and still remain standing to snap the stupid persons neck. He can also kill two stones with one bird. Poor bird.

About His Awesomeness

If you can achieve it then he probably achieved it unless it is gay because Wyatt Cramer is not a fag. He has done the impposible and that is final. You have to remember that he is more awesome than everyone so it would be stupid to say he is stupid because he is not stupid and has never done a stupid thing in his life so you would be stupid to say he is stupid.

Life Work

Wyatt Cramer has done very, very, very, much many good things. One thing Wyatt has done is started is going to Ken’s. that is because he’s cool like that. He has also broken into jail property. He had a sniper aiming at him. But then he picked up a rock and threw it at the sniper and killed him from 8oo yards out. He’s so cool. He’s also broken into many schools to be smart. That is how awesomer he is than you. He has also taken ninja lessons. He is more deadly than a midevil assassin jacked up on energy drinks. He is also presently working on the assassination of various talibanians and al quidas leader people. He also coined the phrase “BIRD! BIRD! BIRD!”.

What He Will Do With His Life

Well he will pretty much just be generally more awesome than you and that says it all. Don’t do drugs.


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