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Douggy Smalls (Alan Turing's "Chosen One"

<Turing is mostly well know for his aprrentice Douggy Smalls. Douggy only studied Turing to relax, and drift away from the stress of being a profeesional Hockey Player, Basketball Player, Tennis Player, Soccer Player, UFC fighter, Major league gamer, BRAZZERS pornstar, Movie star, Boxer and of course legendary rock n roll guitarist. However he did have a very strong passion for turing and all of its function. People say his favorite was the nested boolean tri-for-loop. When Douggy reached the age of 14 he was drafted into the Turing army to defend against the Evil forces of Java. He registered 3.4x10^15 kills during this war using a Barett 50. Cal sniper rifle and for loop grenades. After 16 years of brutal fighting Turing had defeated Java and was victorious. Some Java Masters survived the war like Gary Heffernen. Although douggy was mentily and physically wounded after the war he chose to teach Turing to student eager to learn the ways of the for-loop. >

Gary Heffernan

<The commander of the Java army, Gary Heffernan was also involved in many of the activities that Douggy participated in (see douggys activities). Gary was a strong, powerful java lord who was trained very deeply in the art of boolean for-loops. After Turing had become victorious in the war gary had to take refuge in a small school teaching java to evil minds in the shadows. Today people dont say his name. He is simply referred to as "Though who shall not be named" much like voldemort or count dookoo. >

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