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Sierra Film Group (sometimes called Sierra Studios or Sierra for short) ia a subsidiary of Sierra Studios, one of the four affiliates of Sierra. Founded in 2007 by Michael Nelson, its production studios are located in Kansas City, Missouri and in Lawrence, Kansas. Distribution and other corporate offices are in Kansas City, Kansas. Sierra Film Group is pushing for being one of the larger production companies located in Kansas. The music used in the current logo was composed by Timothy Dingus.


Early years

Sierra was founded by Michael Nelson, a guy who lived in Los Angeles, California before moving to Kansas, where he worked at a movie theater called United Artists which is owned by Universal Pictures. He originally and to this day, still loves to act and be more pro-active in his films like Actor/Director Mel Gibson does. He currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas and going to school at Johnson County Community College and will be attending the Kansas City Art Institute of Film and Media here in the near future. His plan is to take his production company back to Los Angeles, California. He has been in several plays and a did a couple of independant films. One of his plays that he gained real popularity with was The Lion King Play where he played Simba in 1998. Another play he was in during this time of his life was The Boy Who Cried Wolf where he played the boy. He then returned to The Lion King Play in 2008 where he played Adult Simba. The first real film project done by Sierra was the private remastering project of Final Fantasy Advent Children in 3D where he and friends redid the audio and added a couple of extra scenes in the film. Now he and Sierra Film Group is currently working on The Healer which is due for release October 20th, 2011.

Soon after starting on that project, he created the production company Sierra Studios and hired on a bunch of people to help him start making films. Later on, Joshua Rommelfanger was hired on for The Healer May of 2010 and is currently the Associate Producer

On July 18th, 2010, Michael Nelson started up Sierra Film Group an affiliate of Sierra Studios and has become the 'image' of Sierra Studios.

The first logo for the Studio showed up in 2005, back when it was formerly known as NMPS or Nelson Production Company, as a computer animated winter scene with pine trees and a lone log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Then in 2008, the company merged with the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary, Inc., a non-profit organization that specializes in helping to save the endangered Bengal Tiger and White Tiger species of India, and that soon became the mascot and a drawn version of a White Tiger became the logo until August of 2010. August 3rd, 2010, the studio incorporated a new image as a Bengal Tiger cub with a white backdrop, and that is the logo that is used today.

Joshua Rommelfanger currently the Associate Producer for Sierra Studios works closely on projects with Executive Producer Michael Nelson. Joshua Rommelfanger loves films and the filmmaking process and has been always interested in its process and how it works. He is currently assigned on The Healer.

In late 2007, the production company moved to Lawrence, Kansas and 'set up camp' where they produced the Final Fantasy film and attempted to start on The Myst Motion Picture project, until issues arised with who was going to get the copyrights to make the film, now the project has been 'put on the shelf' and is expected to get picked back up. In mid 2008, Sierra Studios contacted Nintendo and was in communication with The Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto and sub-creator Takashi Tezuka to discuss an option-purchase agreement with Nintendo and them to make the mega hit series video games a motion picture which is expected to bring in close to billions in extra revenu to Nintendo. This project as well has been put on hold until The Healer has been completed.


Sierra Studios currently is trying to get an office over-seas in England and one in Japan if the deal with Nintendo is made for The Legend of Zelda motion picture project.


Sierra Film Group currently works on both live-action films and computer Generated Image films. Their choice of software used for all productions is the Autodesk Ultimate Suite 2011, including the use of Autodesk Maya 2011, Autodesk 3DS Max 2011, and Autodesk Flame 2011. For their motion capture applications to films, their choice of software to use with motion capture sessions is Autodesk Motion Builder 2011. Also armed with the latest in camera technology, most of their films is shot on RED One, a 4k professional camera used on films like The Gamer. Autodesk Ultimate Suite 2010, which is what the company was using for several shorts made, like The Little Fairy was also used to make James Cameron's Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean One, Two, and Three, and also is famous for being used by ILM for George Lucas's Star Wars saga. The software used by Sierra Animation is also a favorite for PIXAR and has won the Academy Award for best Visual Effects and Special Effects for the 15th concecutive time.

Their current film they are working on, The Healer, is one of their more popular productions and is primarily filmed in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

Through subsidiary Sierra Studios, it owns the following:

  • Almost all TV shows Sierra Film Group and Sierra Studios made.
  • Almost all the sound recording techniques used in their films, except THX, and DTS, which is owned by George Lucas and Digital Theater Systems Inc.
  • Almost all films made and produced by Sierra Studios, except Final Fantasy Advent Children, in which their version was a remaster of the already english-dubbed version and reprocessed in 3D by Autodesk.

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