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{{Infobox musical artist}} Shine Like Stars is a Christian Worship rock band currently based in Wichita, Kansas.


Formed in Southern California and previously known as The Union,[citation needed] the bands core members are husband and wife team Dale and Ashley Huntington.[citation needed] Dale sang for Loose End, a Pop Punk/Classic Rock/Christian band from 1999-2003.[citation needed]

Known initially as The Union, the band served as the contemporary worship band team for the "Veritas" post contemporary service at Irvine Presbyterian Church in Irvine, CA.[citation needed] The band changed their name to “Shine Like Stars" in February 2007, drawing the name from Philipians 2:15 (NIV translation).[citation needed] In that verse, Paul urges Christians to live a life of example and innocence so that we will shine like stars in a dark world.

In 2008, the Huntingtons relocated to Wichita, Kansas, taking the band name with them (with permission from the other members).[citation needed] Reforming in Spring 2009, the group serves as worship band at Eastminster Presbyterian Church, for the ekklesia service which features “loud music, media, authenticity, strong biblical theology, a place where you can bring the junk in your life, and an experience: all in the name of Jesus!”[citation needed]

Shine Like Stars also have a partnership with the non profit group, Creation Hope.[citation needed]


  • Repeat, Rewind, Redux - Hyms We Tried Not To Ruin - 2010 (Shine Like Stars, Independent)
  • See You There - 2008 (Shine Like Stars, Independent)
  • The Summer EP - 2007 (Shine Like Stars, Independent)
  • The Union - 2004 (Independent)


  • June 2010 - Tour in support of 'Repeat, Rewind, Redux' through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska.[citation needed]
  • June 2008 – Tour in support of 'See You There' through Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California.[1][2]
  • June 2007 - 3 States, 7 cities, and 7 churches in 10 days[3]


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