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Cock-rot sexually transmitted illness

Cock-rot is where the tip of the penis drops off due to repeated masturbation into grape fruit. The citric acid contained in this certain fruit has such a high PH level that it can, enter the body via microscopic pores on the foreskin. It is not un-common to contract this illness as many men find it appealing to ejaculate into fruit and vedgetables believing it to be a good way to maintain a 5 aday routine. There are many ways of stopping the passage of the acids into the penis. One way is to wrap tissue paper around the 'Bell-End' (see slang terms). The paper acts as a good shield by blocking the pores. However, the most prefered method would be the act of oral sex. It is scientifically proven that 'friendly' bacteria contained in female saliva can counter-act the citric acid. Also, if a male is knowing to recieve oral sex he is less likely to ejaculate into the fruit which will put a halt on spreading this terrible disease to second partners.


  • Dr Pillaie- A source of unusual illnesses
  • NHS/ sexual health information
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