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Saint Bunky

The Patron Saint of All Assholes

Oiginally known as Bunkabis. Bunk(Latin for Ass) Abis(Latin for Deep Dark Opening)

Gained Saint Hood from Pope Philip Crack III In 69 A.D.

The body of Saint Bunky is currently located in East Village USA. Was best known for wearing a steel head covering whereas most people at cloth coverings. He felt the steel covering made him look faster whereas everyone else felt he was a asshole.

Notable Sayings: Hey Gang Yesssssss Ova and Bozo

According to the Chinese he is the asshole of all assholes. According to Father Snapple he is NOT an asshole. This claim cannot be proved at this time.

Known as the second zombie after Yesuah (also known as Jesus) Saint Bunky rose from the dead and continued to work until this day.

Current President of NAMBLA

Hates all kind and loving people Kicks kids and takes things from babys. Only reason for the Saint Hood was from all the child rape.


  • The Bible
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Snapple Caps
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