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Rede Excelsior is a former Brazilian television network, founded in July 9, 1960. It was ended in September 30, 1970. TV Excelsior was owned by the businessman Mário Wallace Simonsen.

The concession come from 1959, when the Organizações Victor Costa, the owner of TV Paulista, channel 5 of São Paulo (later adquired by Rede Globo), received a concession for a second channel in the city. The own of a more TV channel was not forbidden at the time.

The Organizações Victor Costa also owned Rádio Excelsior and because of this, the name was defined for the future TV channel, TV Excelsior. However, before that planning what to do with the channel, a group of enterpriseneurs leaded by the Simonsen family, owner, between 41 enterprises, of Panair do Brasil, bought the channel on paper. The group was formed, also, by enterpriseneurs like José Luís Moura, from the coffee exportation in Santos; the federal deputy Ortiz Monteiro, founder of TV Paulista and João de Scantimburgo, propertary of Correio Paulistano.

The concession was acquired by 80 million cruzeiros, a very high value for the time. Beyond the concession, there were adquired a small lot of equipments between them were some cameras, a tower of transmission and a transmissor. The transmission system was in the quarter between Consolação street and the Paulista Avenue, the studios on avenida Adolfo Pinheiro and the commercial and administrative area on the city center.

It programmation was centred on news, series and films. It was concurred with TV Tupi and TV Cultura, owned by the enterpriseneur Assis Chateaubriand (Cultura actually is owned by the public institution Fundação Padre Anchieta), who owned the Diários Associados; with the TV Paulista from Organizações Victor Costa, and with TV Record, owned by Paulo Machado de Carvalho. It was distinguished from its concurrents by the punctuality in the programation hours. Its first director of programmation was Álvaro Moya with the auxilium of Manoel Carlos and Abelardo Figueiredo.

In 1962, build a new studio on Vila Guilherme, in São Paulo and adquire new modern equipments. Create the program Jornal de Vanguarda, that, created by the journalist Fernando Barbosa Lima, showed various speakers and commentarists. In 1963, buyed the concession of the channel 2 of Rio de Janeiro, at this time owned to Rádio Mayrink Veiga, that was never developed its tv station. And so, Excelsior begins to implant the network in Brazil, saw that TV Tupi of São Paulo faced its channel of Rio as competitor. Excelsior used the tecnology of videotape, newty at the time, to distribute programmes that were exhibed at the same time that generator by the affiliates channels (to Excelsior of Rio de Janeiro come to join others in Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Brasília between others).

Rede Excelsior was the first Brazilian TV channel to transmite in color. The system utilized was the American NTSC and teh first color program was the Moacyr Franco Show, of Moacyr Franco. TV Tupi just transmite in colors in 1964, when was transmited the Bonanza series at Saturdays. TV Record also transmite in colors with the Bonanza series.

The symbol of TV Excelsior was one: two circle|circles and a circumference that maked a triangle turned below in a Quadrate. Its puppets are two children called Ritinha e Paulinho, that protagonizated various idents.

In 1964, Excelsior pass by a great crisis by the pression of the Militar Government, that forced to retired programmes, together with the Panair, that was extincted.

Excelsior was sold to the Grupo Folha de S. Paulo, that devolute to the old owners bit of time after. In 1969, TV Excelsior was a name that can not be sad on the Militar Government, it was endivided and abandomned. Ocurred also two burn ups, one was simple, destructing a scenario, the second destructed a good part of archives.

In 1970, TV Excelsior was at the edge of faillure. At 6:00 PM, the journalist Ferreira Neto invade the studio, that was transmiting a humor program (Adélia e Suas Trapalhadas), and announced to the watchers that the Government had decreed the end of Excelsior. The Government gift a praze at December 15 to the channel buy the debts and "justify the accounts", or else, to buy, at the minimum, 50% of its debts. At the terminum of the praze, Excelsior had quited minus from 1% of the debt. The result was the end TV Excelsior.

Thirteen years later from the channel 9 was off the air, Adolpho Bloch from Bloch Editores gained the concession open with the end of Rede Tupi, including also the concession of Excelsior. It was the start of Rede Manchete, now Rede TV!, television channel with a different, but similar padron on Excelsior.


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